About is a cutting edge technology website produced by the author Omnisense covering the ins and outs of Electronic Telepathy technology, a powerful set of technologies that in our society are currently only fully developed by secret government projects.

Electronic Telepathy Tech Suite:
• Artificial Intelligence (e.g. Acts as an Operator)
• Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Monitoring)
• RF Energy Based Neuroscience / Electromagnetic Mind Hacking / Brain-Computer Interfacing
• Virtual Reality (VR) / RF Sense Hacking
• Neurobody Tech

Weaponization of Electronic Telepathy
• Telepathic Impersonations (PSYOPS)
• Electronic Telepathy / v2k as a Component of Mind Control
• Covert Psychological Direction via Definition of Experiences using Implanted Conceptual Energy (e.g. A Psychic Cover Story)
• Framing a Targeted Individual as Mentally Ill with Voice to Skull (v2k)
• Discrediting and/or Torture of Dissidents - Zersetsen/Zersetzung

20th/21st Century Events in the World Related to Electronic Telepathy
• Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society Oversees a Global Conspiracy
• Electronic Telepathy Based Black Ops / Electronic Telepathy Based Psychological Operations
• Electronic Harassment / Political Dissident Targeting
• Prolific Use of Cover Stories to Obscure the Truth
• "New World Order of Electronically Controlled Humans" ~Whistleblower

Future Applications for Electronic Telepathy
• Electronic Telepathy will Eventually Replace Cell Phones as the Primary Method of Long Range Communication
• Cybernetic Networks - AI Moderated Telepathic Forums
• Electronic Telepathy Psyche Profiles / Electronic Telepathy Graphic Definitions
• Electronic Telepathy with Animals and Insects
• Design Your Own AI / Designed AI Personas
• Electronic Telepathy Related Social Media Adaptations
• Potential Catalyst for Global First Contact
• Directed Energy is the Scientific Path to Panacea About (Continued):

Developmental curves have certain areas where human psychological evolution takes a giant leap. Technology has already provided this with the internet. I believe electronic telepathy will be another jump, just like the internet but in it's own diverse and unique ways. Just like the internet, electronic telepathy has pros and cons. Just like the internet, I see "clean" and mastered electronic telepathy as a catalyst for societal advancement.

With that being said I am quite sure the perpetrators of a global conspiracy will oversee the drip-fed release of these technologies and have some sinister plans for them in terms of psychological operations and societal engineering... Sources like DARPA want to implant and remote neural monitor the world. For the record; even though i have been victimized by it, I like electronic telepathy but do not necessarily trust any major corporation having the ability to neural monitor. I also advocate safety and precautionary judgement when these technologies first come out...

For those who may not be familiar with what electronic telepathy is: Electronic telepathy is mind to mind communication between beings via advanced technology, or technological interfacing and communication between one's mind and an artificial intelligence(a computer).

What I call "clean" electronic telepathy is non-invasive, meaning it does not take an implant. The end game version of Electronic Telepathy is carried out remotely by Directed Energy Neuroscience aka Electromagnetic Neuroscience or Radio Frequency Brain Hacking.

The first implementations of these technologies will likely involve brain implants that use radio frequency neuroscience, I feel inclined to recommend to people who feel they want to try this technology; Not to use implant versions of these technologies, wait for the safer versions that do not require surgery is my advice.

Some of the readers of this website may know me from other websites of mine, such as I have a wide ranging testimony of black ops experiences and first hand knowledge of black project technology. From those experiences I am writing all the technological testimony of this website.

Currently the technologies spoken of on this website are being weaponized against mankind. I am what is called a targeted individual. Long story short I am a musician political dissident, and I had black ops electronic targeting programs unleashed on me in late 2007 to the current day.

I believe this website and my other material is the first comprehensive look on the internet into electronic telepathy from a users standpoint. Eventually all the technologies I speak of on this website will be proven by public science, I hope I am alive to see these technologies come to fruition, and can perhaps help guide humanity to taking aware, reasonable, mindful, healthy, and safe approaches to these technologies...

If you ever have any feedback for my articles I welcome respectful comments. And if you ever want to contact me you can use the Contact Me form. I try to get back to everyone who contacts me, but that may not always be possible.

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