Monday, January 16, 2017

AI Renaissance (Singularity Mix) ★ Omnisense

I don't normally feature music on this website, however a song of mine has inspired me...

The song AI Renaissance (Singularity Mix) was produced by myself (Omnisense) almost exactly a year ago (at the end of January 2016), since then it has grown on me in spades and has become my favorite song.

I have experienced this song being enhanced by RF Mind Hacking aka Electromagnetic Neuroscience to enhance the music. It is the future of music, what I have experienced...

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I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

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