Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Augmented Reality - AR ★ RF Mind Hacking

(The Following Information is Largely Based on First Hand Experience of Black Project Technology)

Augmentation Definition: To Make Something Greater by Adding to it.

Augmented Reality as I currently understand it is using end game neuroscience technologies to enhance a person's experience. This can be done with literally anything enjoyable...

Augmented Reality (AR) Bullet Points:
• Synthetic Brain Signals Used to Augment Senses
• Neural Heterodyning to Enhance Pleasure of All Types
• Sense Heterodyning
• Electromagnetic Neuroscience to Augment Visuals / Optical Signal Heterodyning
• Synthetic Optics / Open Source Visuals of Any Type
• Electronic Telepathy Tech Based Conscious Energies in Unison to Events
• Neurobody Tech to Enhance Experience
• Night Vision Heterodyning
• Infrared Heterodyning
• Artistic Visual Heterodyning
• Electromagnetic Music Enhancing / RF Music Enhancing
• Electromagnetic Food Enhancing / RF Flavor Enhancement
• Augmented Body Coordination / AI Based Increased Dexterity
• Awareness Augmentation / Reality Based Information Streams
• Visual UIs / Visual Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) / Optical Interfacing
• Electromagnetic Neuroscience Mastering of Emotions
• Auditory Reconstruction via Microphone + Microwave Hearing for the Deaf
• Optical Reconstruction for the Blind
• Olfactory Augmentation / Enhancing of Aromas / Synthetic Smells
• RF Body Sensations / Synthetic Sensations
• Sex Augmentation / RF Sex Enhancing
• Compression of the Mind / Conceptual Compression
• Expansion of the Mind / RF Mind Expansion
• AI Surveillance Based Supplementation of Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI)
• Replacing Perception of One's Body with Any Physical Variables (IE: Be a Sound)
• Connected AIs / Real World Event Feeds / Partner Coordination
• Interferometry + Virtual Reality / Surveillance Based Virtual Reality
• Remote Neural Monitoring + Electronic Telepathy / Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy

Implant Agenda:
As much as all this may sound enticing, I urge interested readers to stay away from the early implant based versions of these technologies. The early versions of these technologies will likely be inferior and potentially dangerous before the perfected versions are rolled out.

Even if using the most benign and mastered versions of these technologies, there could be a fine line between possible misaligning of the soul and using these technologies responsibly...

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  1. Had implants in since 2009 and had a full neuronal enquiry following an accusation of which there is no memory of in eight years of psychological warfare type investigation. Been sectioned 9 times for complaining. Would love to utilise the technology from using it directly to enhance my own life experience, thing is the people who say they are Lancashire University and definitely some Islamic representatives are too naïve to see the potentials of how I could use the technology this is UK mind control and is very real, study involving thousands? Including childish social experiments the world over, is definitely not the way forward as the people running the operation are extremely demented, manipulative and evil with too much power at their disposal. This includes intellectuals security personal government officials doctors psychologists psychiatrists and members of religious communities. Had all my private intellectual property copied and stolen. Thousands of ideas solutions and a real personal involvement in their development of knowledge. (c)everything adam (C)adam everything was my mark on all of my neuronal data. Some of my ideas would have changed the world created new economy and catapaulted the world into the future. Including anti gravity free and renewable energies, magnetics and many other personal cognitive productions from logic and the use of the gift of imagination to visualise the production of that logic and would if known about by decent people, and developed properly, they would create a better life for the people of planet Earth without a doubt. Still have implants embedded in my skull and cranial nerves and brain, but face ignorance and denial. We could all be living in a new age of prosperity if it wasn't for these people who operate and monitor my neuronal information for their own GREED and MANIPULATION of life on Earth. Thank fuck these people will all die one day. ADAM G


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