Friday, October 28, 2016

Technological Music Enhancing: Negation of Selected Variables of Perception || Subtractive Neural Heterodyning || Electromagnetic Neuroscience

A component of the electromagnetic neuroscience based music enhancing I have experienced is negating certain elements of music from the perception. This serves to isolate the exact area of the song you wish to focus on and negates unnecessary and/or distracting sounds.

This particular method of music enhancing has been particularly good for Radio Frequency Rap Enhancing aka Electromagnetic Neuroscience used to Enhance rap music.

I call it 'Subtractive Neural Heterodyning' for lack of a better term. Neural heterodyning is mixing an existing neural signal with another signal as I understand it. The dynamics of sound have equivalents & metaphors related to this idea too. What I mean by subtractive neural heterodyning is subtracting from signals in the brain to isolate certain signals and to remove others.

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