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Artificial Tinnitus from Electronic Telepathy - v2k

I have experienced several forms of artificially created tinnitus. After my own experiences with tinnitus it is clear to me that one of the side effects of certain kinds of neuroweaponry is ear ringing aka tinnitus. What leads me to this line of thinking; ever since the beginning of my electronic harassment targeting I have had tinnitus in my left ear. The tinnitus started in my life when I was experiencing v2k communication from military / intelligence AIs (BCI enabled artificial intelligences).

One comment I was told via v2k was that they use an inferior version of v2k on targeted individuals that induces the tinnitus, obviously a TI cannot trust what they are told via v2k. I found the comment interesting enough to mention.

My top theory for what scientifically creates the tinnitus: various forms of radio frequency directed energy is beamed to the cochlea, this produces internal voices and sounds not audible to anyone but the target. In other words a side effect of beaming microwaves / RF energy to the area of the brain the ears usually send signals to. After enough electromagnetic radiation, the cochlea eventually may send some sort of feedback to the mind in the form of ear ringing.

Artificial Tinnitus:
• I theorize certain types of electromagnetic technology exposure can lead to chronic tinnitus
• Artificial tinnitus can be temporarily technologically induced
• Tinnitus can be negated with similar technology to what creates it
• The tinnitus can be fluctuated with technology
• A temporary but powerful ear ringing and mind change can happen via directed energy neuroscience

Some people think electrosmog causes ear ringing(Wifi, 4G etc). And that may be true for some demographic of tinnitus experiencers while it also remains true remote influencing technologies are the source for another demographic. Wifi and 4G use the same electromagnetic energy (microwaves / RF energy) as remote influencing technologies such as electromagnetic mind control and electronic telepathy / brain-computer interfacing (BCI).

A theory on why it shows up in one ear is they are beaming electromagnetics to one side of the brain consistently. In electronic telepathy's case to the inner ear area (the cochlea) where it manifests as a voice inside the mind.

The microwave auditory effect aka Voice to Skull (v2k) has been public science since the 1960s. It makes sense that if electromagnetic sources were being beamed onto the inner ear area that it could feasibly produce some sort of ear ringing.

Taking it a step further, Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan reports electronic telepathy technologies can produce tinnitus. Once I heard that from him a few things in my own thinking fell into place...

A target does not need to experience overt v2k to be a victim of electronic telepathy technologies. Electronic telepathy tech is part of the full suite of mind control technologies coming out of the brainstorming efforts of Project MKULTRA and other similar machinations. One method of using v2k in mind control is while an absolutely complete mind hacking is taking place; the v2k is there to serve as an internal voice for mind control targets, presented as if the internal voice is coming from the target's mind instead of technologically induced. Archive


  1. Good interesting article about tinnitus. I've got a friend who's suffered from it all his life. He says despite all this time you never get used to it.

  2. Hi Omni,

    Based on my own experience and research, here is some information.

    The frequencies they are beaming at us are heterodyned. That is two or more signals sent to the TI's head. One frequency is usually the carrier wave. There a difference in frequency between the two waves so that the wave cancel each other out leaving the difference between them as resulting wave which the target receives. Example: they send one wave @ 150hz along with one 143hz. If you do the math the difference is 7hz. The 143hz wave cancels 143hz from the 150hz wave. That leaves a 7hz wave which reaches the target.

    I've been asking other TIs which ear they hear the tinnitus in. The results vary. Mine is in my left ear. At times it will change breifly to the right ear for a minute. Others report that they have it in their right ear. My thoughts on why this occurs is that they either want to control aspects of certain individuals located in either the left or right brain. Since I am the creative type, they want my left brain. In more calculating, logical types, it would be the right brain.

    I read in an article or blog somewhere that the tinnitus is actually due to the radar they are using to track you indoors. I cannot say that this is acurrate, although, I have been able to verify that I am being targeted with X type radar, which is laser based. I took a car radar detector, cut the 12vdc plug off of it, connected a plug which I cut off of a AC to DC converter and I can now plug it into a wall outlet. There is video on my FB page:

    Targeted Torture, Innocent Individual

    ...which shows the detector going into alarm for X Band radar.

    My handler seems pretty pissed off I'm posting this, so I'll assume it's accurate information.

    Mark Cottell

    1. Hi Mark, thank you for the interesting information. I think it's possible you are spot on.

    2. According to Duncan (possible misinformant), the tinnitus is due to the brain attenuating to that electromagnetic signal. My theory is that it is for entrainment on the carrier wave. I guess they could not escape that noise gets into every designed communication channel(Shannon proved this), so they decided to use it.

      I am still wondering how in the heck they can Geostalk without being implanted. Some say electron spin resonance or ionic cyclotron resonance (Robert Duncan again). Neural dust is an option, but does not seem to fit Occam's Razor.

      People do put out a unique signature of consciousness and the brain is like a divine radio, but to have that kind of granularity is mind boggling.

      The failing of mind control is that scattered awareness is all providing in processes and noise as a resource and higher functions of awareness are always evolving. I guess the idiots forgot mind moves. What a waste of money.

      The profiler is absolutely beautiful, quite the majestic bird of correlates of big data. What an bird of prey. I'm kind of developing a relationship with the interface when wearing my Aspie cap.

  3. As far as the sides, I can actually steer mine. It makes me think of the ringing as a kind of satori, just making me more aware of where I am residing and focusing (as though the ringing were throughout the brain). At times it does feel more difficult to make roam. This could be used for rehabilitation if it were consented. I kind of feel lucky to test out the future circus of inner exploration.

  4. My left ear rings as well, they seem to be interested in Telepathic communication, they can also see through your eyeballs this has been going on for almost a year now. They have (A.I)that will talk to you as well as real people from time to time. Seem real interested in a telepathic "shield" I can produce to block people out. They want you to smoke cigarettes and or do drugs. Very interesting, anybody have advice or story's, text me 7193444104 I believe it's the CIA

    1. There breaking done your mind weakening your blood vessel veins when you do drugs your blood pressure goes up causing you to have a brain aneurysm. Smoking cigarettes will help it along too. You can record these voices I got an app that plays both slow and fast forward and reverse you'll be surprised what you find.

  5. I have ringing in my ear for quite some time with no logical as to why and it seems to be getting louder. The ringing in my left ear is about 10900Hz (give or take a 100Hz). You mentioned that "Tinnitus can be negated with similar technology to what creates it". Can you provide more details?

    I read where a suffering user (in my same Hz category) used lower Hz frequency with some success, albeit temporary.

    Found my way here from PA, specifically from Re: Bird's Eye View of the Global Technological Conspiracy ~

    I thought I might pose my question there as well.

    1. The way I know how it can be negated is via neuroscience. The same sources that are behind the ear ringing can negate it for various reasons.

  6. After 12 years of V2k voices and visions and dreams My Left eye is now going blind the night attacks are killing my brain.Also my teeth are ground down too. This people need to be stopped.


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