Friday, January 1, 2016

Electronic Telepathy will Revolutionize Psychology

I know from witnessing the technologies related to electronic telepathy enough that it will revolutionize psychology in our society. Direct remote neural monitoring (thought surveillance) will yield direct psychological observations of all living beings on Earth(Animals and Insects included)...

This brings up all sorts of ethical and privacy concerns. However those are managed, eventually these technologies will yield a complete understanding of psychology.

From what I have witnessed when hearing what a few psychology majors say, modern psychology can yield a very incorrect view of predicting consciousness and traits in what one sees. Electronic telepathy will give people access to consciousness in a new way, able to really actually observe it for themselves.

Instead of just the guesswork and observations of current psychology, we will be able to observe full conscious variables of any species on Earth.

Instead of inconclusive debate winners like in our current societal norm, there will be pretty clear winners much more often in debate as result of these technologies as well...

These technologies bring up so many ethics concerns I have absolutely zero faith in humanity's current or consistent leadership in making the correct decision... I do not know how everything will fall into place with these technologies, but I can say eventually they will surely revolutionize psychology and many other fields...

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