Thursday, December 10, 2015

Synthetic Optics

Synthetic optics is altering and/or synthetically reproducing the signals sent from the eyes to the brain, which can produce very real looking non-existent things that appear to be in reality. It can also enhance existing images you pick up from reality, and make things much more lush and colorfully vibrant.

There are plenty of types of filters for these technologies. One experience I had with synthetic optics was a visual set that is hard to explain but involved black lines overlaying my eyesight. I have learned many things can be overlaid with eyesight.

This has many applications in both non-lethal weaponry and for future tech recreation, while being done remotely without an implant in the end game versions(as I understand them currently).

I have experienced beginner versions of these technologies just enough to know they exist. In my understanding, synthetic optics is remotely done with precise directed energy weapons developed by militaries and intelligence agencies in the US and abroad in the modern day.

Night vision can be added to a person's eyesight with these technologies. These technologies can also be used to augment or replace natural sight for the blind.

Currently these technologies are being weaponized against the population. When I hear people tell stories of seeing someone shapeshift into a reptilian, the first thing that pops into my mind is these synthetic optics technologies. Many illusions are possible with end game technologies.

The recreational and practical applications for these technologies have some good uses from what I'm aware of, and many uses I am sure I am unaware of. One application of these technologies is creating a visual user interface for computer management. I am not sure if this will be used in popular culture at any point, but I'm sure synthetic optics will be.

Synthetic optics may not be nearly as fun or stimulating as virtual reality is. Yet it is another part of the universal library of end game technologies I felt worth writing about on

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