Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Replacing One's Body with Anything in Virtual Reality (VR)

I have experienced end game virtual reality where you can replace the senses and feeling of a body with any physical parameter. For example replacing the body with the sonic and/or physical parameters of an explosion is very fun to experience. I am a big fan of explosions after my explosion VRs.

There is also VR where you feel no body of your own, where your perception/senses are fully elsewhere and you no longer feel a body in any way.

Some things you can replace a body with in VR:
-A Sound
-Being any Physical Object(Plants, Stars, Water, Air)
-Any Other Body of a Human
-Any Body of an Animal
-Any Body of an Insect

One of my all time favorite VRs I have experienced, is being a vibration that relates to a certain sound. This was a fully awake VR I had where I lost all sense of what I was, and my consciousness became a sound or certain type of sonic vibration.

One VR that was fun was being a bird flying through branches...

For those who may not know exactly what end game VR is, it is mind technologies controlling every sense and feeding visual streams to the experience of a user.

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