Friday, December 11, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Non-Verbal Communication

Any incarnated being can communicate with any other incarnated being with these technologies. There are no full on language barriers with electronic telepathy. Concepts, Energetic Signatures, and Conscious Imprints are understood by a wide range of beings from human to insect... I'm curious about plants, since I believe they are soulular and could be considered an incarnation of sorts.

I have witnessed electronic telepathy communication of solely concepts before. It is a stimulating way to communicate, and it is possible it will become more popular than verbal communication for mankind.

Methods of Non-Verbal Communication via Electronic Telepathy:
•Conscious Energies
•Conscious Imprints;
-Emotions Packaged with Concepts
-Emotions Packaged with Conscious Energies
-Emotions Anywhere on the Body(Energetic Body) including the Heart Center
-Concepts Packaged with Symbols/Images
-Images Packaged with Emotions
•Colors with Imagination as the Canvas
•3rd Eye Presentations
•Usage of Light and Darkness in the Imagination/3rd Eye

Electronic telepathy can be used to package multiple communication/conveyance methods as descriptives at once, and this can be much better than verbal communication in many circumstances. These are the communication methods of the future and the communication methods of the heavens...

Symbols infused with variances of light or other variables can be used as metaphors while AI electronic telepathy technology serves a mind with understandings to comprehend the meaning behind the symbols used.

Many different reality's can be represented by eTelepathy abstract graphic designs. For example I have seen Extraterrestrial composites of the qualities of certain soul's, represented in light and other forms of displaying the qualities.

Perception of light and any color can be created in an imagination or energetic body with electronic telepathy and directed energy methodology. Any possible physical reality can be reproduced in a mind with electronic telepathy technology.

Non-Verbal communication is a potent and efficient way of communicating. With end game versions of non-verbal communication crystal clear levels of understanding each other are possible. These technologies are on the horizon.

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