Thursday, December 3, 2015

Designing a Telepathic Voice

A telepathic voice is the voice which is electromagnetically reproduced into a being's mind.

A telepathic voice can be paired with different conscious energies, a 3rd eye physical depiction of who you are interacting with, and even colors can be infused with a telepathic voice. This opens up many design opportunities for customizing your own electronic telepathy experience and how you portray yourself in electronic telepathy realms.

Actual sound of the voice in a mind can be done by remote technologies, no need for an implant, and as far as I know are for the most part physiologically benign at the apex level. Sounds are able to be played in the mind while the sounds are not audible to people nearby...

Taking the mental sound a step further you can add mental transparency to the voice to make it not stand out as much, or be more precise for a more tasteful conveyance.

I have only tried colors overlaying conscious energies a couple times. They can be used for conscious imprints of people, to represent them, kind of like an Avatar on the internet, or a social media bio. An electronic telepathy based avatar and/or social media bio could have colors or light/metallic sheens, understandings/concepts, sense experiences, emotions, and more.

I have also experienced overlaying the telepathic voice with colors and types of light and metallic sheens, as mentioned. I'm not sure if that will be popular for actual telepathic voices much, but for conscious imprints they can be nice to experience...

The actual voice itself is created by artificial intelligence connected to what is currently termed directed energy weapons. The cutting edge; implantless technologies...

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