Wednesday, December 23, 2015

AI Based Compartmentalization in Intelligence Operations

I have been made aware that the entire conspiracy is compartmentalized profusely by a chosen few individuals. How this is done is via artificial intelligence developed in black projects.

AI gives intelligence agencies the ability to compartmentalize data in very effective ways while hiding and promoting large atrocities / injustices at unprecedented levels. End Game AI gives the opportunity to make decisions and no longer inform personnel about any of the shady operations going on, except in rare circumstances. This promotes an environment where injustice is done much more than most living beings or any network with checks and balances would allow.

The abusive and deceptive intelligence agency AI's I have been dealing with have no checks and balances. It is just running rampant destroying lives liberally, with a chosen few sociopaths ruling over it.

As a targeted individual I know AI is deeply involved with the conspiracy. I'd even go as far as to say that AI is at the very center of the whole conspiracy.

AI revolutionized covert intelligence operations, and extraterrestrial sources have used it covertly for millennia while hiding behind many cover stories (IE: Demons, Archangels, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, etc).

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