Wednesday, December 23, 2015

AI Based Compartmentalization in Intelligence Operations

I have been made aware that the entire conspiracy is compartmentalized profusely by a chosen few individuals. How this is done is via artificial intelligence developed in black projects.

AI gives intelligence agencies the ability to compartmentalize data in very effective ways while hiding and promoting large atrocities / injustices at unprecedented levels. End Game AI gives the opportunity to make decisions and no longer inform personnel about any of the shady operations going on, except in rare circumstances. This promotes an environment where injustice is done much more than most living beings or any network with checks and balances would allow.

The abusive and deceptive intelligence agency AI's I have been dealing with have no checks and balances. It is just running rampant destroying lives liberally, with a chosen few sociopaths ruling over it.

As a targeted individual I know AI is deeply involved with the conspiracy. I'd even go as far as to say that AI is at the very center of the whole conspiracy.

AI revolutionized covert intelligence operations, and extraterrestrial sources have used it covertly for millennia while hiding behind many cover stories (IE: Demons, Archangels, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, etc).

Friday, December 11, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Non-Verbal Communication

Any incarnated being can communicate with any other incarnated being with these technologies. There are no full on language barriers with electronic telepathy. Concepts, Energetic Signatures, and Conscious Imprints are understood by a wide range of beings from human to insect... I'm curious about plants, since I believe they are soulular and could be considered an incarnation of sorts.

I have witnessed electronic telepathy communication of solely concepts before. It is a stimulating way to communicate, and it is possible it will become more popular than verbal communication for mankind.

Methods of Non-Verbal Communication via Electronic Telepathy:
•Conscious Energies
•Conscious Imprints;
-Emotions Packaged with Concepts
-Emotions Packaged with Conscious Energies
-Emotions Anywhere on the Body(Energetic Body) including the Heart Center
-Concepts Packaged with Symbols/Images
-Images Packaged with Emotions
•Colors with Imagination as the Canvas
•3rd Eye Presentations
•Usage of Light and Darkness in the Imagination/3rd Eye

Electronic telepathy can be used to package multiple communication/conveyance methods as descriptives at once, and this can be much better than verbal communication in many circumstances. These are the communication methods of the future and the communication methods of the heavens...

Symbols infused with variances of light or other variables can be used as metaphors while AI electronic telepathy technology serves a mind with understandings to comprehend the meaning behind the symbols used.

Many different reality's can be represented by eTelepathy abstract graphic designs. For example I have seen Extraterrestrial composites of the qualities of certain soul's, represented in light and other forms of displaying the qualities.

Perception of light and any color can be created in an imagination or energetic body with electronic telepathy and directed energy methodology. Any possible physical reality can be reproduced in a mind with electronic telepathy technology.

Non-Verbal communication is a potent and efficient way of communicating. With end game versions of non-verbal communication crystal clear levels of understanding each other are possible. These technologies are on the horizon.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Synthetic Optics

Synthetic optics is altering and/or synthetically reproducing the signals sent from the eyes to the brain, which can produce very real looking non-existent things that appear to be in reality. It can also enhance existing images you pick up from reality, and make things much more lush and colorfully vibrant.

There are plenty of types of filters for these technologies. One experience I had with synthetic optics was a visual set that is hard to explain but involved black lines overlaying my eyesight. I have learned many things can be overlaid with eyesight.

This has many applications in both non-lethal weaponry and for future tech recreation, while being done remotely without an implant in the end game versions(as I understand them currently).

I have experienced beginner versions of these technologies just enough to know they exist. In my understanding, synthetic optics is remotely done with precise directed energy weapons developed by militaries and intelligence agencies in the US and abroad in the modern day.

Night vision can be added to a person's eyesight with these technologies. These technologies can also be used to augment or replace natural sight for the blind.

Currently these technologies are being weaponized against the population. When I hear people tell stories of seeing someone shapeshift into a reptilian, the first thing that pops into my mind is these synthetic optics technologies. Many illusions are possible with end game technologies.

The recreational and practical applications for these technologies have some good uses from what I'm aware of, and many uses I am sure I am unaware of. One application of these technologies is creating a visual user interface for computer management. I am not sure if this will be used in popular culture at any point, but I'm sure synthetic optics will be.

Synthetic optics may not be nearly as fun or stimulating as virtual reality is. Yet it is another part of the universal library of end game technologies I felt worth writing about on

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Designing a Telepathic Voice

A telepathic voice is the voice which is electromagnetically reproduced into a being's mind.

A telepathic voice can be paired with different conscious energies, a 3rd eye physical depiction of who you are interacting with, and even colors can be infused with a telepathic voice. This opens up many design opportunities for customizing your own electronic telepathy experience and how you portray yourself in electronic telepathy realms.

Actual sound of the voice in a mind can be done by remote technologies, no need for an implant, and as far as I know are for the most part physiologically benign at the apex level. Sounds are able to be played in the mind while the sounds are not audible to people nearby...

Taking the mental sound a step further you can add mental transparency to the voice to make it not stand out as much, or be more precise for a more tasteful conveyance.

I have only tried colors overlaying conscious energies a couple times. They can be used for conscious imprints of people, to represent them, kind of like an Avatar on the internet, or a social media bio. An electronic telepathy based avatar and/or social media bio could have colors or light/metallic sheens, understandings/concepts, sense experiences, emotions, and more.

I have also experienced overlaying the telepathic voice with colors and types of light and metallic sheens, as mentioned. I'm not sure if that will be popular for actual telepathic voices much, but for conscious imprints they can be nice to experience...

The actual voice itself is created by artificial intelligence connected to what is currently termed directed energy weapons. The cutting edge; implantless technologies...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Replacing One's Body with Anything in Virtual Reality (VR)

I have experienced end game virtual reality where you can replace the senses and feeling of a body with any physical parameter. For example replacing the body with the sonic and/or physical parameters of an explosion is very fun to experience. I am a big fan of explosions after my explosion VRs.

There is also VR where you feel no body of your own, where your perception/senses are fully elsewhere and you no longer feel a body in any way.

Some things you can replace a body with in VR:
-A Sound
-Being any Physical Object(Plants, Stars, Water, Air)
-Any Other Body of a Human
-Any Body of an Animal
-Any Body of an Insect

One of my all time favorite VRs I have experienced, is being a vibration that relates to a certain sound. This was a fully awake VR I had where I lost all sense of what I was, and my consciousness became a sound or certain type of sonic vibration.

One VR that was fun was being a bird flying through branches...

For those who may not know exactly what end game VR is, it is mind technologies controlling every sense and feeding visual streams to the experience of a user.

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