Monday, November 9, 2015

Surveillance Based Virtual Reality

I have witnessed surveillance based virtual reality enough to know it exists. It is used in conjunction with Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy.

What is going on with surveillance based virtual reality is sources with advanced enough technology and surveillance are carrying out environmental surveillance while reproducing what they observe technologically into a virtual construct with artificial intelligence. This can be done with a wide range of technologies. Such as interferometry paired with traditional satellites connected to advanced physical construct modeling software(perhaps AI based), and much more...

All the variables in reality can be reproduced in a virtual reality construct, down to people's thoughts and deepest motivations. The way I have been shown these technologies is when you enter into a virtual reality construct, you can be any form, but typically in surveillance based virtual reality constructs one's body is obscured from the perception as to be able to absorb the physical reality from the environment better. The senses have a bandwidth essentially, so by negating the feel of a body there is less traffic in the senses...

I have experienced a virtual reality construct meant to show me surveillance based virtual reality where I was just a ball of consciousness. I could move anywhere I wanted to, and pay attention to anyone's thoughts whom I desired in the virtual construct. There are ways of displaying thought surveillance of groups as to give you better control over what you observe. So you can hear undertones and energies of conversations and pick which you would like to hear most.

According to one extraterrestrial contact I had I see as totally credible, it is said extraterrestrials have a taste for viewing reality with technology. It is their version of a newspaper. Instead of the spin of Faux News they have objective reality down to people's thoughts to observe.

In the future in a post global first contact world, we will be given historical virtual reality files, that can be explored with electronic telepathy and virtual reality. We can explore history of any era down to people's thoughts, their faces exactly what they looked like, and more.

Like just about any technology, these technologies can be used for sinister or benevolent purposes... Currently these technologies in terms of human use, are being used by unethical sources.

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