Monday, November 9, 2015

Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy

Electronic telepathy revolutionized the covert intelligence and black ops process... Surveillance based electronic telepathy is something I have experienced scarcely, so it is not like I have had full access to it. I have experienced it enough to know it exists and can give some cursory explanations for it.

Surveillance based electronic telepathy is largely based on thought surveillance(aka remote neural monitoring) while artificial intelligence records variables of a mind under surveillance. After it is recorded it can be presented to an electronic telepathy user to view the conscious variables in the mind of the target/person under thought surveillance.

I have been shown recordings of my own thoughts from a decade or two back, thoughts I had long forgotten had been in my mind. It is not speculation that this is happening.

Surveillance based electronic telepathy may be a shadow government asset now, however in a post disclosure world it will be their enemy... In a post disclosure/post global first contact world we will have access to extraterrestrial electronic telepathy files based on recording of true history. For example lets say a Pope was doing some heinous things, this would be exposed in a post global first contact world. The black ops world will eventually be exposed by the same technologies they use so liberally on the population...

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