Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Energetic Signature Library of the Universe

With electronic telepathy when communicating one has what I term an energy signature. The signature can be fully 'transparent' in ways, can be a representation of one's body, or can be made to have other qualities.

Every single thing in existence has energetic signatures that represent it consciously. For example there is a 'Russian' energetic signature, there is a 'US Founding Fathers' energetic signature, a signature for grass, a set of signatures for the concept of "UFO", signatures for Vladimir Putin even(and any physical form).

All of existence can be interpreted by a mind and all forms of existence can be represented by conscious energy signatures. An example of an energy signature can be seen first hand by looking at the cat below. When you look at the image, your mind generates an energetic signature to match the cat. Basically inside one's mind you can feel the cat's physical form in ways.

I call all the different physical forms, and their relationship with consciousness, Universal Aspects. Although that is not all of what I include in my definition of Universal Aspects.

All forms of conscious energy signatures can be reproduced by technology and electronic telepathy. These techs will revolutionize "entertainment" if it could still even be called such at that point...

Basically for electronic telepathy one design's their own energy signatures that will be displayed in a receiving mind when using electronic telepathy to communicate. Things like colors and various conscious energies can be used to enrich the electronic telepathy communications with more immersion for experience. For example I have been shown my own telepathic voice aligning to a certain metallic light blue.

Energetic signatures are a huge part of existence, and electronic telepathy will bring the full library of energetic signatures to people's attention. I'm not sure how this will all fall into place, but I personally would love full access to all energetic signatures at any time I wanted. It would be a pretty revolutionary thing to be able to experience...

All that being said I would be wary of initial human-made electronic telepathy technologies for many reasons...

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