Monday, November 2, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Telepathic Circles

In the future, once extraterrestrials and galactic society are connected with our own society and/or these technologies are mastered by the public, there will be electronic telepathy telepathic circles. These can take on many forms, such as one central speaker, or group conversations. While the conversation is happening AI will be sending different data to people depending on their own preferences and access.

I have experienced many "global first contact" simulations of eTelepathy conversations between groups of people. To put it in general and concise terms AI and electronic telepathy technology can be used in many ways to arrange what one is experiencing.

Electronic telepathy can involve different ways of information presentations that are not possible with natural thinking, using all the variables of consciousness to convey data. For example, you can make an AI give collective consciousness subtle conscious undertones while a conversation is happening, to give an idea of the reaction of the group listening. Or an advanced AI can choose who has the most valid/intelligent/interesting thing to say in cybernetic network discussion forums.

Telepathic circles have the potential to be extremely interesting. One way I see this happening for humanity after global first contact is extraterrestrials going over our whole history, specific personality's in history focused on, and much more. A time of disclosure and truth...

From first hand experience I can say full blown telepathic circles will be an every day reality eventually. I just can't say when, as these things are up in the air...

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