Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector

An end game electronic telepathy lie detector is 100% accurate in detecting every deepest motivation of a person. I have been shown end game technology including observational AI that has the capability to track my deepest inclinations down to the mechanics and variables leading to thought, and more. For example I have been shown by an electronic telepathy AI, deep down energies/motivations, the source of my thoughts basically.

In some of the global first contact telepathic circle simulations where I was interacting with simulated people after global first contact I was given a ribbon-like layer of consciousness that was a lie and exaggeration detector. When people would lie or exaggerate or had deceptive/flawed motives the AI would relay this to me via electronic telepathy technology in ways which I could still be paying attention to the words being spoken(multitasking Electronic Telepathy methods). It was pretty interesting stuff.

Thought surveillance is a 21st century reality via black projects and unethical groups, electronic telepathy revolutionized the covert intelligence process,... but how will these technologies be used in the future I wonder?

The implications and uses these technologies will have on the public are large. For example electronic telepathy technologies will revolutionize the court room if they are implemented. And also things like advanced technological mind fraud will be something criminals would be trying(and the criminals in govt would have it mastered I'm sure). Electromagnetic technologies offer unique and potent ways to find guilt or innocence, and also many potent ways to interrogate people.

One way an electronic telepathy lie detector could be used is carrying out thought surveillance while questions are asked, and a tracking of the mind of the person testifying is taking place to detect guilt or innocence. There are other methods, however that is a main one.

Deletion of memories is a reality I have experienced many times, this would be perhaps sought after by criminals in the post singularity world environment, but if people delete memories you can also input stimuli and gauge their reaction. If they are thinking naturally you would be able to tell if someone is a pedophile or has murderous tendencies for example.

One way I see it happening in the future with electronic telepathy lie detectors is there will be known AI constructs in which people can use that show they are not being deceptive, while not fully revealing everything in the mind of the person.

I'd also like to note modern day lie detectors, which could be thought of as archaic, can be easily manipulated by electronic telepathy and mind control technologies...

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