Sunday, November 15, 2015

Connecting Multiple People to One Virtual Reality ★ Future Technology

Connecting Multiple People into One Virtual Reality
•All Connected People Experience the Same Virtual Reality
•Connected AIs ~ Artificial Intelligence Networking to Network the Minds
•Can be designed for partners, friends, more
•Can be in the form of entertainment, exploring real physical reality's but inside VR
•Can be done for many purposes, such as:
—Communication (Like Skype but full VR)
—Board/Council Meetings
—Martial Arts Sparring
—Virtual Hunting
—Virtual Sex
—Much more

End Game VR does not take an implant, it interfaces directly to the senses and mind, and can be done both while awake or asleep.

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  1. Virtual reality is by far one of my most anticipated future tech trends, but damn, a shared VR? Perhaps The Matrix will end up being based on a true story after all...


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