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Electronic Telepathy and AI Revolutionized Covert Intelligence Operations

Deep within government black ops and mind control programs is a secret military society of black ops agents whom all have been inducted into a secret electronic telepathy network. I call it the electronic telepathy network or the electronic telepathy secret society.

Rumor has it that a new buzzword going around in the Pentagon is "Synthetic Telepathy", while some key government agents have even experienced it first hand(None of them talking publicly). The US military and US intelligence sources have perfected electronic telepathy and mind control technologies and are currently weaponizing these potent technologies versus the population of the world.

Artificial Intelligence & Directed Energy Weapons offer powerful societal control capabilities (a government's wet dream) and transhumanization of agents means whistleblowing is not likely if not impossible.

As a targeted individual who has gotten substantial attention via electronic telepathy, I know the black ops sources are using these technologies in their most cutting edge operations... Electronic telepathy and AI revolutionized the covert intelligence process.

Electronic Telepathy files interface directly with the mind. They take hard drive space, they are paperless. A paperless crime done by the CIA for example, has less chance of being caught. And the criminals in the CIA hate being caught...

Now why on Earth would the NSA need the hard drives to store millions of times more data than every book in mankinds history? It isn't all just text messages, emails, and phone calls...

The NSA’s Utah Data Center will be able to handle and process five zettabytes of data, according to William Binney, a former NSA technical director.

Much has been written about just how much data that facility might hold, with estimates ranging from “yottabytes”…to “5 zettabytes.” … a yottabyte = 1,000 zettabytes = 1,000,000 exabytes =…1 trillion terabytes. …you would need just 400 terabytes to hold all of the books ever written in any language.
Source - Forbes

Artificial intelligence connected to directed energy weapons does a considerable amount of black ops actions going on in the world, while electronic telepathy is how they administer the AI in control.

In cutting edge 21st century black ops programs, artificial intelligence and remote neural monitoring technologies carry out thought surveillance on the population and key targets, while psyche profiles are developed and counter measures to certain potentials in the population are developed by agents and AI.

Remote (implantless) thought surveillance aka remote neural monitoring is an aspect of cutting edge 21st century black project technology, and is also incorporated into weaponized and recreational+ versions of electronic telepathy. Black ops agents have the ability to review recordings of thoughts in an electronic telepathy environment, while analyzing someone's motivations & more...

Black ops AI at this point is mostly self sufficient and automated, although as I understand it some direction from a living being is needed for black project AI to run at it's most optimal capacity.

Governments around the world use many cover stories for their newfound technology. Through the effective use of potent and immersive illusions as cover stories, they have concealed how abundant AI influence is these days.

Some common covers of black ops remote influencing technologies:
•Demons ~ Demonic Possession Facades,
•Channeled "Cosmic" Entities,
•Dead Relatives,
•Disembodied Spirits/Interdimensional Beings,
•Entity Attachments,
•Shadow Beings,
•Mythological Gods of the Past,
•Technologically Induced Ailments that are Presented as Natural,
•Technological Psychic Ability Presented as Natural,
•Technological Remote Viewing Presented as Natural,

The Vatican reports 100% rise in demonic possession cases in the past 15 years, and doubled their exorcist numbers. I can assure you some of those cases were covert military/intelligence agency technology...

But Father Truqui sees yoga as being satanic, claiming that "it leads to evil just like reading Harry Potter." And in order to deal with the consequences of this, his religion has had to bring on an additional six exorcists, bringing the total number to 12, just to deal with what he says is a 100% rise in the number of requests for exorcisms over the past 15 years.
Source ~

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Connecting Multiple People to One Virtual Reality ★ Future Technology

Connecting Multiple People into One Virtual Reality
•All Connected People Experience the Same Virtual Reality
•Connected AIs ~ Artificial Intelligence Networking to Network the Minds
•Can be designed for partners, friends, more
•Can be in the form of entertainment, exploring real physical reality's but inside VR
•Can be done for many purposes, such as:
—Communication (Like Skype but full VR)
—Board/Council Meetings
—Martial Arts Sparring
—Virtual Hunting
—Virtual Sex
—Much more

End Game VR does not take an implant, it interfaces directly to the senses and mind, and can be done both while awake or asleep.

Introduction to Virtual Reality ★ Future Technology Archive

(Video) Mapping All Static Knowledge via Electronic Telepathy

Synopsis: In this short 4-5 min video I explain how all static knowledge can be mapped by electronic telepathy technology. Not only that, but all mental variables experienced.

"Electronic telepathy revolutionized the covert intelligence process..."

My most up to date article on this subject:
Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy ~ Part 2
Archive: Archive

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Black Project Artificial Intelligence ~ Covert Transhumanism Preview

In this short video(approx. 2 min.) I cover some of the capabilities of black project artificial intelligence (AI). This video is a preview of my upcoming 2016 quasi-documentary and book, Covert Transhumanism.

The Documentary has released and can be seen here:
Omnisense Youtube Channel

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Mind has No Firewall ~ US Military Publication

The following article excerpts are from the US military publication Parameters,
titled; The Mind has No Firewall.

Note: Indented/Italic text is from the military paper.

"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority." -- Major I. Chernishev, Russian army

He was talking about directed energy weapons, which I personally know very well... Directed energy weapons are behind remote neural monitoring, electromagnetic mind control and electronic telepathy, which in the modern age are almost completely used as military weapons against citizens of the countries who have obtained the weapons. These are weapons against but not limited to political dissidents.


A recent edition of U.S. News and World Report highlighted several of these "wonder weapons" (acoustics, microwaves, lasers) and noted that scientists are "searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior."[3] A recent Russian military article offered a slightly different slant to the problem, declaring that "humanity stands on the brink of a psychotronic war" with the mind and body as the focus. That article discussed Russian and international attempts to control the psycho-physical condition of man and his decisionmaking processes by the use of VHF-generators, "noiseless cassettes," and other technologies.

An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body's psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium.

This article examines energy-based weapons, psychotronic weapons, and other developments designed to alter the ability of the human body to process stimuli. One consequence of this assessment is that the way we commonly use the term "information warfare" falls short when the individual soldier, not his equipment, becomes the target of attack.

US Views on "Wonder Weapons": Altering the Data-Processing Ability of the Body

What technologies have been examined by the United States that possess the potential to disrupt the data-processing capabilities of the human organism? The 7 July 1997 issue of U.S. News and World Report described several of them designed, among other things, to vibrate the insides of humans, stun or nauseate them, put them to sleep, heat them up, or knock them down with a shock wave.[9] The technologies include dazzling lasers that can force the pupils to close; acoustic or sonic frequencies that cause the hair cells in the inner ear to vibrate and cause motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea, or frequencies that resonate the internal organs causing pain and spasms; and shock waves with the potential to knock down humans or airplanes and which can be mixed with pepper spray or chemicals.[10]

US Military Report - Read More: The Mind has No Firewall

In truth, the US military sources and US intelligence sources had already developed these technologies for a good long while in the time of this military publication. How do I know? They have been used on me as early as 1986-1988. They have been used on others in their testimony as early as the 60's and 70's. The former government scientists Barrie Trower and Dr. Robert Duncan are good sources of information on these technologies in black projects, and their usage upon the population...

Here is a targeted individual segment preview of my upcoming quasi-documentary, Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary. Targeted individuals are the victims of illegal experimentation to research and develop these technologies. Archive Synthetic Telepathy (2014 Article)

Slowly more of these articles will come popping up. Electronic telepathy aka Synthetic telepathy is on the horizon. None of the official science websites explaining electronic telepathy understand it very well yet, but they are chugging right along...

Here are a couple snips from a Harvard Science Review article by Linda Xu:

Humans Computers And Everything in Between: Towards Synthetic Telepathy
Written by Linda Xu
May 1st, 2014

When you imagine telepathy, your mind probably jumps immediately to science fiction: the Vulcans of Star Trek, Legilimency in Harry Potter, or the huge variety of superheroes and super-villains who possess powers of telekinesis or mind control. Twenty years ago, these concepts would have been mere fictional speculation, but today, in neuroscience labs around the world, new research is turning the startling possibility of brain-to-brain communication into reality.


Undoubtedly, brain interface technology has both the power and the potential to do incredible good. With this in mind, it is crucial to also recognize the possibility for ethical wrongdoing. Concerns with privacy, autonomy, enhancement, and consequent aggravation of social stratification are only a handful of the ethical issues on the horizon, and these concerns are only intensified by the fear of media exaggeration and inaccuracy. Furthermore, philosophical questions of human existence will become increasingly important as research progresses. What does it mean for brains to be “connected?” What kind of information can be taken and shared between living brains? What distinguishes a human from a machine, and what — if anything — distinguishes a brain from a computer? These questions may have been impossible to answer in the past, but with the advancement of brain-to-brain interface technology, we may reach satisfying answers at last.
Source ~ ~ Synthetic Telepathy Archive

US Army Developing 'Synthetic Telepathy' (2008 Article)

I have decided to include snips and analysis of third party articles on this website. I will keep the archive up to date with each news article I post...

This article is from 2008, the US military had already long perfected and weaponized electronic telepathy as of this article being posted. Slowly the truth about these technologies existence is being drip fed to humanity in official streams of thought. The news articles posted on this website are largely to show people how real these technologies are. However you will not find the juiciest details on any mainstream website about electronic telepathy... For a comprehensive real deal scoop on electronic telepathy, check my Archive.

Here is the first rendition of my electronic telepathy news articles:

Army Developing 'Synthetic Telepathy'
By Eric Bland (
10/13/2008 10:52:44 AM ET

Known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG. Similar technology is being marketed as a way to control video games by thought.

Read This Thought: The U.S. Army is developing a technology known as synthetic telepathy that would allow someone to create email or voice mail and send it by thought alone. The concept is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG.
Source ~ || Army Developing 'Synthetic Telepathy'(2008 Article)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Energetic Signature Library of the Universe

With electronic telepathy when communicating one has what I term an energy signature. The signature can be fully 'transparent' in ways, can be a representation of one's body, or can be made to have other qualities.

Every single thing in existence has energetic signatures that represent it consciously. For example there is a 'Russian' energetic signature, there is a 'US Founding Fathers' energetic signature, a signature for grass, a set of signatures for the concept of "UFO", signatures for Vladimir Putin even(and any physical form).

All of existence can be interpreted by a mind and all forms of existence can be represented by conscious energy signatures. An example of an energy signature can be seen first hand by looking at the cat below. When you look at the image, your mind generates an energetic signature to match the cat. Basically inside one's mind you can feel the cat's physical form in ways.

I call all the different physical forms, and their relationship with consciousness, Universal Aspects. Although that is not all of what I include in my definition of Universal Aspects.

All forms of conscious energy signatures can be reproduced by technology and electronic telepathy. These techs will revolutionize "entertainment" if it could still even be called such at that point...

Basically for electronic telepathy one design's their own energy signatures that will be displayed in a receiving mind when using electronic telepathy to communicate. Things like colors and various conscious energies can be used to enrich the electronic telepathy communications with more immersion for experience. For example I have been shown my own telepathic voice aligning to a certain metallic light blue.

Energetic signatures are a huge part of existence, and electronic telepathy will bring the full library of energetic signatures to people's attention. I'm not sure how this will all fall into place, but I personally would love full access to all energetic signatures at any time I wanted. It would be a pretty revolutionary thing to be able to experience...

All that being said I would be wary of initial human-made electronic telepathy technologies for many reasons...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Surveillance Based Virtual Reality

I have witnessed surveillance based virtual reality enough to know it exists. It is used in conjunction with Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy.

What is going on with surveillance based virtual reality is sources with advanced enough technology and surveillance are carrying out environmental surveillance while reproducing what they observe technologically into a virtual construct with artificial intelligence. This can be done with a wide range of technologies. Such as interferometry paired with traditional satellites connected to advanced physical construct modeling software(perhaps AI based), and much more...

All the variables in reality can be reproduced in a virtual reality construct, down to people's thoughts and deepest motivations. The way I have been shown these technologies is when you enter into a virtual reality construct, you can be any form, but typically in surveillance based virtual reality constructs one's body is obscured from the perception as to be able to absorb the physical reality from the environment better. The senses have a bandwidth essentially, so by negating the feel of a body there is less traffic in the senses...

I have experienced a virtual reality construct meant to show me surveillance based virtual reality where I was just a ball of consciousness. I could move anywhere I wanted to, and pay attention to anyone's thoughts whom I desired in the virtual construct. There are ways of displaying thought surveillance of groups as to give you better control over what you observe. So you can hear undertones and energies of conversations and pick which you would like to hear most.

According to one extraterrestrial contact I had I see as totally credible, it is said extraterrestrials have a taste for viewing reality with technology. It is their version of a newspaper. Instead of the spin of Faux News they have objective reality down to people's thoughts to observe.

In the future in a post global first contact world, we will be given historical virtual reality files, that can be explored with electronic telepathy and virtual reality. We can explore history of any era down to people's thoughts, their faces exactly what they looked like, and more.

Like just about any technology, these technologies can be used for sinister or benevolent purposes... Currently these technologies in terms of human use, are being used by unethical sources.

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Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy

My Tweet for this Article:

Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy

Electronic telepathy revolutionized the covert intelligence and black ops process... Surveillance based electronic telepathy is something I have experienced scarcely, so it is not like I have had full access to it. I have experienced it enough to know it exists and can give some cursory explanations for it.

Surveillance based electronic telepathy is largely based on thought surveillance(aka remote neural monitoring) while artificial intelligence records variables of a mind under surveillance. After it is recorded it can be presented to an electronic telepathy user to view the conscious variables in the mind of the target/person under thought surveillance.

I have been shown recordings of my own thoughts from a decade or two back, thoughts I had long forgotten had been in my mind. It is not speculation that this is happening.

Surveillance based electronic telepathy may be a shadow government asset now, however in a post disclosure world it will be their enemy... In a post disclosure/post global first contact world we will have access to extraterrestrial electronic telepathy files based on recording of true history. For example lets say a Pope was doing some heinous things, this would be exposed in a post global first contact world. The black ops world will eventually be exposed by the same technologies they use so liberally on the population...

Stay tuned for my article on Surveillance Based Virtual Reality, coming soon. Below are links to my All Seeing Eye Technology articles.

All Seeing Eye Technology Explained in 33 Words

All Seeing Eye Technology Explained ~ Part 2

My Tweet for this Article:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector (Video)

I believe these technologies have the potential to do a great amount of good, or be used to impose a police state beyond any of our wildest dreams... How will mankind implement these technologies?

In the video I cover Electronic Telepathy Lie Detectors and much more. Read the synopsis for the notes :)

Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector (Approx. 4 min.)

Synopsis/Video Notes:
-"An electronic telepathy lie detector is 100% accurate."
-Tracking of Thoughts and What Electronic Telepathy can do in that department
-Electronic Telepathy AI inputing a thought and carrying out remote neural monitoring to gauge a reaction(which can be used as a lie detector or for covert interrogation)
-Covert Black Ops Using Electronic Telepathy Technologies
-Electronic Telepathy Tech used in the Court Room of the Future
-These technologies are a pedophiles kryptonite/nightmare
-Electronic Telepathy tech can be used to determine guilt or innocence 100% (unless perhaps some sort of cybernetic fraud has occurred, which in my experiences can be detected to some degree with mental diagnostics)
-Shadow Government/Cabal have perfected human related mind technologies more or less
-Potential Glimpse into the Future; Cybernetic Fraud: Implanted Memories, Deleted Memories, etc
-Government and Military Contractors could be the biggest perps of Cybernetic Fraud in the Future
-Cybernetic Fraud can take place with current lie detectors to frame people or hide guilt
-Laws Needing to be looked at long and hard when these techs(thought surveillance) come into the forefront, and my opinion is we should not have a system of actual thought police enforcing all of mankind’s laws……. which i’m sure is what some out of touch government lunatics will want to do in the future.
-These technologies can be used for a very severe police state(much more severe than people have dreamt up so far from what I’ve seen), and that is probably in the shadow government’s plans/desires

Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector Article, By Omnisense

These technologies are currently being weaponized against the world population.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

All Seeing Eye Technology Explained ~ Part 2

All Seeing Eye Technology

•Smartphones/Smart TVs/Tablets/Computers
•Internet and Email Surveillance of All Types
•Social Media Profiling (Not a reason to silence yourself though in my view)
•Remote Neural Monitoring
End Result:
•Comprehensive Intelligence
•Psyche Profiles for Every Man Woman and Child in the System on Earth
•Targeted Individuals of All Types
•Surveillance of People Down to Their Deepest Motivations and Thoughts
Used In:
•Mind Control Programs/Psychological Operation Sources (Black Ops)
•Societal Engineering

Part 1; All Seeing Eye Technology Explained in 33 Words

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector

An end game electronic telepathy lie detector is 100% accurate in detecting every deepest motivation of a person. I have been shown end game technology including observational AI that has the capability to track my deepest inclinations down to the mechanics and variables leading to thought, and more. For example I have been shown by an electronic telepathy AI, deep down energies/motivations, the source of my thoughts basically.

In some of the global first contact telepathic circle simulations where I was interacting with simulated people after global first contact I was given a ribbon-like layer of consciousness that was a lie and exaggeration detector. When people would lie or exaggerate or had deceptive/flawed motives the AI would relay this to me via electronic telepathy technology in ways which I could still be paying attention to the words being spoken(multitasking Electronic Telepathy methods). It was pretty interesting stuff.

Thought surveillance is a 21st century reality via black projects and unethical groups, electronic telepathy revolutionized the covert intelligence process,... but how will these technologies be used in the future I wonder?

The implications and uses these technologies will have on the public are large. For example electronic telepathy technologies will revolutionize the court room if they are implemented. And also things like advanced technological mind fraud will be something criminals would be trying(and the criminals in govt would have it mastered I'm sure). Electromagnetic technologies offer unique and potent ways to find guilt or innocence, and also many potent ways to interrogate people.

One way an electronic telepathy lie detector could be used is carrying out thought surveillance while questions are asked, and a tracking of the mind of the person testifying is taking place to detect guilt or innocence. There are other methods, however that is a main one.

Deletion of memories is a reality I have experienced many times, this would be perhaps sought after by criminals in the post singularity world environment, but if people delete memories you can also input stimuli and gauge their reaction. If they are thinking naturally you would be able to tell if someone is a pedophile or has murderous tendencies for example.

One way I see it happening in the future with electronic telepathy lie detectors is there will be known AI constructs in which people can use that show they are not being deceptive, while not fully revealing everything in the mind of the person.

I'd also like to note modern day lie detectors, which could be thought of as archaic, can be easily manipulated by electronic telepathy and mind control technologies...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Telepathic Circles

In the future, once extraterrestrials and galactic society are connected with our own society and/or these technologies are mastered by the public, there will be electronic telepathy telepathic circles. These can take on many forms, such as one central speaker, or group conversations. While the conversation is happening AI will be sending different data to people depending on their own preferences and access.

I have experienced many "global first contact" simulations of eTelepathy conversations between groups of people. To put it in general and concise terms AI and electronic telepathy technology can be used in many ways to arrange what one is experiencing.

Electronic telepathy can involve different ways of information presentations that are not possible with natural thinking, using all the variables of consciousness to convey data. For example, you can make an AI give collective consciousness subtle conscious undertones while a conversation is happening, to give an idea of the reaction of the group listening. Or an advanced AI can choose who has the most valid/intelligent/interesting thing to say in cybernetic network discussion forums.

Telepathic circles have the potential to be extremely interesting. One way I see this happening for humanity after global first contact is extraterrestrials going over our whole history, specific personality's in history focused on, and much more. A time of disclosure and truth...

From first hand experience I can say full blown telepathic circles will be an every day reality eventually. I just can't say when, as these things are up in the air...

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