Monday, October 26, 2015

The Concept Library of the Universe

I have had some limited access to the concept library of the universe via electronic telepathy technologies. Any concept in existence can be produced in a mind via the right electromagnetic technologies. In the future, people will explore the Concept Library of the Universe via electronic telepathy. It is one of the most entertaining things possible in existence as far as I'm aware. The word entertainment doesn't do it justice, it can also be spiritually and intellectually stimulating.

Technological concepts have potential to be more vivid and crisp than natural concepts in my experiences. The level of detail possible in a technological concept is very complex, beautiful, and lush.

One of my works in the field of Consciousness and Reality involves Universal Aspects. Concepts themselves are part of what I define as Universal Aspects. However Universal Aspects are not confined to only thought, they are in the physical reality too(for example the "Cat Aspect" ~ A Beautiful One). A cat's meow has ways of aligning to it's physical form. Universal Aspects are interrelated throughout the categories of Reality. When you see a cat, your mind generates an energetic signature of the cat. All of those conscious energies aka energetic signatures can be reproduced by technology. I call them Universal Aspects.

More Universal Libraries to be Explored:
• Sound Library of the Universe
• Emotion Library of the Universe
• Sense Library of the Universe

Once all these things are mapped by public artificial intelligence, and mastered for experiencing I'd say taste could be more important than it is currently. Perhaps on twitter people will be tweeting Concept and Emotion electromagnetic frequencies+ and exploring reality in the form of all possible conscious thought forms. I believe this will be a big catalyst for enlightenment in our society, much like the internet. Coming are the ages where humanity knows as much about the mind as the shadow government, a great thing. :)

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