Monday, October 26, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Recordings of Thoughts

I have been shown recordings of my own thoughts throughout various times of my life, shown to me by some sort of secret government or extraterrestrial artificial intelligence. Recordings of thoughts include things such as the conscious energy someone has(their energetic signature of consciousness), the concepts in their mind, their emotions, their mental voice, and more.

In depth recordings of my mind I witnessed involved every process in my mind including areas of my subconscious. The reason why I was shown recordings of my thoughts is because I was being shown various times of my life I was being mind controlled. When you are shown recordings of thoughts while making mind controlled decisions you are able to discern if something is strongly not yourself. This was the case with many of the recordings of thoughts I have experienced, but not all.

These technologies are on the horizon coming swiftly as time goes on. I do caution about any electronic telepathy from sources like Facebook, Google, or Microsoft. I do not trust them at all. That being said I love what electronic telepathy provides and after experiencing it in depth I believe it will eventually revolutionize mankind similar to how the internet did.

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