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Designing an Electronic Telepathy AI

The following information is based on rare first hand experience with black project artificial intelligence by the author. Due to how potent these AIs I have witnessed are, I can guarantee that this is a big part of the future of artificial intelligence...

Designing an Electronic Telepathy AI

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of electronic telepathy. Part of an electronic telepathy experience from a users standpoint is an electronic telepathy artificial intelligence that acts as an operator/assistant. An Electronic Telepathy AI can mimic any being both fictional and non. So this opens up design opportunities in artificial intelligence for people to design their own electronic telepathy AI operator.

Literally any being that can be thought up can be modeled for personal AI electronic telepathy assistants/operators. This is similar to Siri on iPhone except much more in depth and part of a users experience. This technology interfaces directly with the mind through remote neural monitoring (thought monitoring), and an artificial intelligence responds directly to one's thoughts via methods such as the microwave auditory effect.

Modern day scientific understandings of the microwave hearing effect are quite lackluster. What I mean by able to mimic any being; using the mind as a canvas with radio frequency neuroscience technology, the limits of these technologies are the limits of consciousness itself. These technologies are capable of producing any mental variable in existence...

To give an idea of what I mean by "mental variable"; When you watch a movie and look at a well done villain cartoon character, you may be able to identify it's energy in your mind related to that character. Or when you look at a cat (seen on the left), you feel the cat's energy in your mind. These energies can be refined and enhanced to reach levels of 'ambrosia' not seen in natural experiences. As a witness to distinct and beautiful conscious energies I can say in the long term future, humanity is in for a mind canvas renaissance, and singularity AI electronic telepathy operators are part of it.

One set of experiences I was given is Maat goddess themed images and energies/concepts. An electronic telepathy AI assistant/operator could be designed to be anything; from Zeus, Maat, Lucifer, Athena, Satan, God, Any Movie Character, Any Historical Person, Any Mythological Character, and anything else I'm not mentioning. You could even design a plant based consciousness AI that communicates in concepts...

Taking this a step further, electronic telepathy AIs can be designed a personality. They can clone a person's personality or be designed a personality. Perhaps machine learning models could be coded to have a process of self growth by the AI to create more unique AI personalities.

After an AI is designed with an electronic telepathy theme, how I have seen this working is the AI is customized and programmed with the tastes of the user, which can be done every time something is really enjoyed as an AI algorithm based upgrade. Basically anything one really likes is noted to the personal AI assistant, and he/she/it incorporates the upgrade into your character profile and further can refine things that would fit tastes to bring to attention from humanity's library of Concepts/Thoughts/Energies/Realities/News/History/etc.

Once electronic telepathy and AI are mastered publicly, what I mention in this article will become mainstream knowledge and a booming industry. The next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates could be made in the field of electronic telepathy and AI.

Currently this information is almost completely unknown. In the modern age this technology is used by military and intelligence agency conspirators betraying mankind. I hope once they reach the public domain electronic harassment targeting with the same technologies is majorly hindered...

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