Thursday, October 22, 2015

Black Project Interrogation Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Just published a new video, this time on the capabilities for Black Project Artificial Intelligence to Interrogate simulated persons. A simulated person always cooperates...

Black Project Interrogation Artificial Intelligence (5min 3sec):

-Black Project AI Simulation Interrogation Capability Explained
-Mind Mapping
-Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector is 100% Accurate
-Future of AI
-AI based Evidence in Court Cases (in the future)

Black project and black ops sources have access to electronic telepathy technology that revolutionizes the whole intelligence process. The files are telepathic files(electronic telepathy) and likely have no paper trail. This has benefits for shady operations you want to keep quiet for obvious reasons...

Another way black project technology is used to interrogate someone is by implanting a concept/subject in a target's mind via electronic telepathy technology, while thought surveillance is carried out on the target to extract data about a targeted subject...

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