Monday, October 5, 2015

A Time When Science and Technology Makes Current Monetary Systems Obsolete

I believe in the future there are natural catalysts for changes to systems like our current monetary system. I am not going to go into what I think the perfect monetary system is just some aspects of how I think things could change. I will cover 3 main things I believe could lead to major changes in our monetary systems.

1. The Soul Irrefutably Proven by Science

2. Reincarnation Irrefutably Proven by Science

3. Artificial Intelligence doing all the Work Nobody Wants to Do

Why I think science discovering reincarnation will be a game changer, is people can retain their main assets from life to life. For example I was told extraterrestrials(who shift bodies and/or "die") keep their spaceship in the future incarnations.

A couple big things to have in future incarnations will be a superluminal spaceship or interdimensional satellite. But that is a whole different set of topics...

Artificial intelligence(AI) will revolutionize the workplace eventually. The best AI can do almost anything a human can do, and more precisely... Eventually, after much hardship of losing "jobs" in a corrupted monetary system, the system will be revolutionized from AI taking over 50% of the workplace over, and eventually over 80% of the workplace once sophisticated enough. I could see people volunteering to work in places that need a human, or some sort of money system where people have a set amount, and can work for extra if they are ambitious...

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