Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Full Electronic Telepathy Suite of Technology

The technologies I have witnessed will revolutionize our society once perfected. But I know the road for these technologies to be used for society's benefit rather than weaponized against humanity wont be instant.

The following technologies I have personally witnessed:
The Full Electronic Telepathy Suite of Technology

Artificial Intelligence:
•Personal AI Assistants (Design Your Own AI)
•AI Acts as an Operator for Electronic Telepathy
•All Knowledge in Existence is a Thought away with End Game Electronic Telepathy AIs
•Electronic Telepathy Filters (Some things Remain Private)
•Lie and Exaggeration Detectors

Electronic Telepathy Technology Capabilities:
•Any Living Being Including Animals and Insects Personal Mental Signature can be Interfaced
•Any Concept Reproducible for Communication Purposes (The Concept Library of the Universe)
•Any Sound in Existence Reproducible in a Mind(Any Voice and Vocal Tone)
•Any Energetic Signature/Conscious Energy/Concept Able to be Applied to One's Energetic Body (Anywhere on the Body, and Quite Vividly)
•Any Color Including Black can be Applied in Very Stimulating Ways to One's Energetic Body (I call this the Neurobody)
•Experiences Ranging from Incredibly Spiritual, to Artistically Dark + everything else in Reality
•One's Energetic Body Influenced to Correlate with What One is Viewing (Such as Specific Energy Signatures to define things for psychological direction)
•Any Emotion can be Reproduced (EEG Cloning)
•Any Emotion can be Applied to Chakra/Energetic Body

Virtual Reality while Awake or Asleep:
•Any Possible Universal Reality in Existence Possible to Experience (Any Image)
•Can Vividly Feel What it is like to be Any Living Being(even a plant)
•Can try 1,000 different lives, Can try 1,000 different deaths (number is just for reference purposes, you can try them all if you have enough time and desire)

Some VRs I have experienced(both awake and asleep):
•Being an Explosion(You can literally be a sound in VR instead of a human body)
•Being the Sun / Being a Radiating Star
•Being a Plant
•Being an Insect
•Being an Animal
•Profound Volcano Explosion
•Witnessing a Huge Asteroid Destroy a Moon (The Sound rung deep down into my chakra, it was profound)

Brain-Computer Interfaces:
•Computers Interfaced with the Mind
•Holograms Interfaced with the Mind
•Visual Streams Fed to One's 3rd Eye
•Visual Streams Fed to the Canvas of the Imagination
•Pictures of What the Eyes See
•No Need for an Implant with the Most Sophisticated Versions
•Much More

With electronic telepathy coordinated technologies, holograms and computers can be interfaced via the mind. One's internal body feelings can also be remotely influenced to correlate with what is visually streamed.

Interfacing Reality via Electronic Telepathy

It has been brought to my attention that various sources both cosmic and planetary have technology to monitor and experience reality beyond many people's wildest dreams. Basically with the full suite of electronic telepathy technologies used in conjunction with end game surveillance technology, reality can be interfaced in many different stimulating ways.

Such as:
•Surveillance Based Virtual Reality
•Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
•Technological Remote Viewing
•Thought Surveillance + Recordings of Thoughts

The extraterrestrial version of a 'newspaper' are in depth telepathic files relating to consciousness and physical reality. I have witnessed some of these files myself, so I know they exist. Much more to come on this website... Sign up for emails updates if you would like :)

This post will be updated as I remember more of these technologies...

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