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Introduction to Virtual Reality ★ Future Technology

In the future, people will be able to connect into virtual reality's and experience all sorts of environments for solo exploration or mutual/group experiences. People will be able to design what they want to experience in the VR. This can be anything from spiritual experiences, Reviewing Historical Electronic Telepathy files, Group Experiences, and much more. The future of sex I think also involves virtual reality quite a good bit and perhaps that could end STDs or help curb them.

When I say "Future Technology" I mean technology that the public will have access to in the future. The technologies spoken of on this website are already being used in secret societies, black ops, psychological operations, and more...

Virtual Reality is basically technology connected to one's senses. Virtual Reality can be experienced both awake and asleep. Ranging from synthetic dreams to technological streams to one's 3rd eye. With virtual reality one's experiences are completely streamlined by technology and AI. Every sense based experience can be reproduced by technology and feel just as real in many areas...

Entertainment with end game virtual reality and other technologies such as recreational RF mind hacking being so great I believe depression based suicide will drop down to zero eventually.

Some potential scenarios with Virtual Reality(VR):

•Being Any Sound Including Explosions (Instead of having a body you experience being a sound + the physicality of the explosion)
•Witnessing Profound Explosions (Might sound weird but i just love them after experiencing them in VR)
•Being a Sun
•Being an Insect
•Being any Animal Down to Their Exact Conscious Signatures (Raptor was an interesting one)
•Being a Plant/Tree
•Asteroids Impacting Surfaces Like Moons (This one was one of my favorite VRs)
•Volcano Eruptions (Absolutely Spiritual in my experiences)
•Any Kind of Life Experience, any kind of Death (I would explore them both if I had full access to these technologies)
•Gladiator VRs/Fighting various beasts of the universe with a Light Saber (can even get down to synthetic pains making certain things more real)
•Ninja VRs (these are fun)
•Art of Hunting VRs (Hopefully which will eventually replace hunting real animals before all the real animals are gone.........)

I am not saying I would enjoy hunting living beings in a VR. It might change society a bit so I note it anyway.

Virtual Reality has many benefits and some pitfalls. It is not so one sided as to be only good or only bad... Some of it's benefits include mind expansion to a high degree. Being able to be other beings and walk in their shoes could be huge. Some of the pitfalls is that society will probably have even less of an attention span after these become super popular...

I will be writing more articles on virtual reality on this website. If you are interested in VR, electronic telepathy, and end game technology please consider signing your email up for updates from this site :)

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  1. Isn't this all-possible-tech dangerous if we don't understand ourselves spiritually? Many people are not open to understand ourselves on their own, don't you think? And then they will understand themselves via all this... I don't know, honestly it seems dangerous for our nature.

    1. Yes it can be dangerous. It is a big double edged blade these techs. I can't say how dysfunctional people will use them, but I know it is quite possible for healthy safe and spiritually conducive experiences with these technologies. Electronic telepathy and VR I consider as quite spiritual technologies myself. The level of understanding possible with electronic telepathy is amazing and revolutionary. People will be working on their selves much more when their thoughts are under scrutiny by themselves much more. I see these technologies as a catalyst for good in societal change. However you have to watch out for the government, they already have been weaponizing these techs for decades.

    2. I think access to all knowledge and all perspectives in existence will help spirituality and reason. However you are probably right, that some people will use them erroneously somehow.

    3. I agree with you. And hope things go in a better path... I don't have the direct power to change the heads in our government but I have the indirect one, it's what I like to think. I can do the best for myself and inspire others around me to do the same, right? Although everyone do what they want, I have faith in the human being... and truly believe that in 2150 we will be more spiritually awaken.

    4. I think so too. :) And yes I think individuals taking action to help make change and help enlighten is a huge factor. While some people wait for Jesus, ETs, or Ascension, I am putting in work and it feels good hehe (other than of course the horrible tortures i get for it, but meh)...

  2. Also... I know you say that nothing is up yet, meaning that no one knows when this tech will start becoming public. But if you would guess, how many years from now would this happen?

    1. My guess for when I'd say isn't exactly an expert's guess I'm confident with. I'd say by 2150 people will be experiencing full blown VR, probably sooner for fledging techs, maybe even like 2030. It takes a full suite of mind control tech to do full blown virtual reality. As virtual reality involves benevolent mind control for example to control the mind to have the same alien variables someone else has consciously.

      For electronic telepathy and virtual reality to be mastered we have to know quite a lot. For fledging versions of the technologies no so much... Those are already coming out.

      One thing to keep in mind is the shadow government has an agenda to thwart the progression of public neuroscience and technology etc, so they would likely be actively suppressing those fields of discovery in any way they can. They wouldn't be able to stop it completely though of course...


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