Monday, September 14, 2015

Holographic Hip Hop and Conceptual Music Enhancing via Electronic Telepathy Technology

I have experienced the future of music experiencing via electronic telepathy technology used in conjunction with music to enhance the music experience. These technologies do not require an implant according to several whistleblowing sources.

I have experienced many genres of music enhanced with electronic telepathy based technologies. Including Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Classical, Reggae, Vocal, Electronica(Both Downtempo and Stuff like Psy Trance), Genre Benders, and much more.

What Holographic Hip Hop is:
-Concepts, Images, Emotions, Vocal Tones, Conscious Energies/Energetic Signatures and more served to one's mind via radio frequency neuroscience technologies in conjunction with intellectual hip hop. To the lyrics of the hip hop various experiences are served with electronic telepathy technology, to make the lyrics come alive much more. This can include full stimulation of internal body feedback. Anything that can be experienced in the mind can be experiences interally as a feeling on the body. In other words concepts, colors, images, conscious energies and other thoughtforms can be applied to one's full body.

I will not link any hip hop I find the most stimulating, as most people would probably find it too aggressive. But I will say Jedi Mind Tricks (Vinnie Paz, Stoupe & Jus Allah) has by far been the most stimulating Hip Hop with these technologies in my own experiences.

Conceptual Music Enhancing
Rich concepts can be created by electronic telepathy technology. Much more crisp, rich, immersive, and detailed than natural ones. The intensity in which one can feel a perfected electronic concept is only done via technology in my experiences.

Conceptual music enhancing is serving rich detailed concepts to a mind that align with parts of songs/tracks. This can also be done with emotions to certain sounds. Any emotion can be reproduced by technology, and they feel exactly the same as natural ones or better if it is sophisticated enough technology/methodology. In addition, any emotion can be applied anywhere on the body, for example love + someone's energetic signature can be applied to one's heart center.

Every emotion, concept, and conscious energy can be reproduced with electronic telepathy technology and applied anywhere on the body. Music enhancing takes this a step further with masterfully crafted music enhancing sets to a song/track by coordinating all the different electronic telepathy technologies to music enhancing. My experiences with music enhancing have been so stimulating at times I know for a fact it is in humanity's future eventually and will be very popular once mastered.

I do note I would be cautious with accepting any of these types of technologies when they first come out, not to mention there are ultimately perpetrators targeting people with these technologies. These technologies have been weaponized against the population of the world in the current age. And the same corporations that will likely be at the forefront of these technologies are complicit with the police state surveillance and the NSA.

Like I have said before, I would not touch this type of thing if it is from a group like Microsoft or any other human group who would be making this type of thing until the source could be trusted and the technology is mastered. Perhaps some tech enthusiasts disagree but that is where I stand on this currently...

I have been experiencing black project and/or extraterrestrial music enhancing technologies overtly since about 2008/2009. And had some covert experiences with them many years prior to that(to Wingmakers music).

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