Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy Pt. 2

Article Revamped in January 2017.

Through my experiences with Electronic Telepathy I have come to realize that any voice/sound, any concept, any conscious energy, any visual reality in existence, any emotion and more can be mapped out via these technologies. Further I figured out that all static knowledge in existence can be mapped via electronic telepathy technologies. This is how:

Every mechanic of the mind has a physical process, all of these processes can be reproduced by end game technology. Through mapping electromagnetic radiation neuroscience carried out by directed energy sources all static knowledge can be mapped by reproducing all mental variables in a mind and mapping them using Electronic Telepathy Tech, Remote Neural Monitoring, and AI.

With proper use of electromagnetics every single concept, conscious energy, image, and sound can be conveyed using electronic telepathy technology. This means that within the possibilities of electromagnetics and the mind are forms of everything in existence just waiting to be tapped into. The whole universe can potentially be deciphered through these means. The limits of these technologies are the limits of consciousness itself.

It seems every thought has it's own electromagnetic frequency(or set of frequencies). Brain waves are electromagnetic waves(RF Energy). Through mapping all brain waves we can potentially map all of consciousness.

I call the building blocks of consciousness(and the universe) Universal Aspects, IE: Concepts, Energies, Physical Forms, etc. They are all interrelated. There are conscious energies for every physical form. There are concepts for every set of knowledge. There are conscious alignments to every single sound. Essentially Universal Aspects are the foundation for the universe.

The Aspects of the Universe Narrated by Gareth Icke

Artificial Intelligence

When the full suite of electronic telepathy technologies become public you can expect a major effort involving AI to map out all thoughts (Thought Library of the Universe), all sounds (Sound Library of the Universe), all concepts (Concept Library of the Universe), all emotions (Emotion Chart) and ultimately all static knowledge in existence. I am hoping my information survives up until and beyond that point in the future...

Once all static knowledge is mapped for AI, it needs to be judged and correctly filed in relation to correlations. Correlative data for all static knowledge in existence is one of the next steps after the mapping electromagnetics neuroscience discovery coming for mankind. I have no idea when this will happen publicly but I do know it will happen. We may be a decade or two+ away from these discoveries...

Message About Implants

The coming technologies have a few main versions I am aware of. By Implant or Several Implants, by headband, or via remote electromagnetic neuroscience by what is known in the modern age as Directed Energy Weapons. Implantation is a flawed method in my eyes. Implantation probably requires surgery, and may have health hazards.

The NWO Agenda involves implants. Knowing their style perhaps they will conceal the remote (and more benign) versions of these technologies for their more destructive and hazardous sister implant versions.

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