Friday, August 14, 2015

How I figured it out ~ Mapping Electromagnetics Pt. 3

There has been decent interest in my several articles mentioning "Mapping Electromagnetics". Such as:

Mapping Electromagnetics (Electronic Telepathy)

Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy Pt. 2

Long story short, first I found out any being can be impersonated with electronic telepathy technology(both fictional characters and non), then after so many experiences with electronic telepathy(Black Project and/or Extraterrestrial experiences), I have learned that the entire universal library of possible thoughtforms/emotions/sounds/energetic signatures/concepts/+more are encoded within electromagnetics and electronic telepathy.

Every possible method of communication for a human mind is reproducible through electronic telepathy. The most popular in the future will probably be concepts/energetic signatures. A mastered electronic telepathy concept is much more rich, full, and descriptive than a natural concept in my experiences...

I find exploring concepts what I would term 'spiritual'. I find exploring universal reality's and different entity's via electronic telepathy spiritual as well. You can really feel the spirit of the universe, and the spirit's of other beings with these technologies. But that may sound a bit odd without experiencing them for yourself...

I do note that currently these technologies have been weaponized against the population of the United States and the planet. And the sources who have studied them most are shadowy sources(DARPA, CIA, etc). I am wary of any initial applications of these technologies, and would not likely take part in early human implementations of them. Once they are more perfected, and what I would call "ET Grade" electronic telepathy, that is when it is worthwhile in my view. A good measure of if these technologies are being weaponized against the population still, is if global first contact has still not happened for our planet...

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