Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Concepts are a Universal Language ~ Electronic Telepathy w/ Humans, Animals, Insects

It is possible humans of all types(including babies), animals, and even insects understand concepts. Some of them probably operate only on concepts.

When speaking of this on forums I realized some people do not understand what concepts are. When I say concept I do not mean in a figure of speech like a 'ship design concept'. I mean the energy signatures + definition in the mind when thought is taking place.

I believe concepts are how babies start to understand what is taking place around them. It appears that the soul and/or genetics are embedded with an ability to understand all concepts.

I have experienced animal and insect themed electronic telepathy and know it will happen in the future for humanity. Directly communicating with pets and wildlife will be feasible with future technology. Electronic telepathy experiences with animals/insects can be what I would term "spiritual". You could potentially feel the spirit of an animal when you interface their mind.

What is taking place with electronic telepathy is the exact brainwaves/mental signatures are being reproduced from one being, into another technologically. This requires mind surveillance/thought surveillance(Remote Neural Monitoring), and directed energy technology such as electromagnetic mind control or electronic telepathy.

I predict that vegetarianism will become more popular when electronic telepathy is done in full with animals...

Animals have soul's, feelings, emotions, and can be complex beings. The abuse animals of Earth have had to take at the hands of pathetic humans is considerable. I hope electronic telepathy with animals will revolutionize the way humans on Earth treat animals...

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