Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brain-Computer Interfaces of the Future

I have had access to Brain-Computer Interface / Mind-Computer Interfacing technologies... All of this will be proven true to society in time. I just hope I live to see it...

Brain-Computer Interfaces of the Future

I have extensive experience with Mind-Computer Interfacing aka Brain-Computer Interfaces. This is done through directed energy neuroscience(RF Energy / Microwaves). The mind of an individual can be influenced by technology in ways of agenda based control or for amazingly stimulating recreational and/or learning experiences.

Brain-Computer Interfaces will be the primary method of communication eventually for mankind. Electronic Telepathy is a revolutionary technology that can be done non-invasively with the most advanced versions according to the most cutting edge whistleblowers.

I have a hard time writing about what I know in these areas (at times) due to electronic harassment based interference... But here are some things I know about Mind-Computer Interfacing/Brain-Computer Interfacing first hand:

Artificial Intelligence is Key to These Technologies (AI is the Discreet "Operator")
Personal AI Assistants (Things like Bad Memory will No Longer Majorly Hinder People with These AI's)
Visual User Interfaces/Thought Interfacing (Computers Will be Controlled by Thought Alone if Desired)
Electronic Telepathy: the Holy Grail of Communication Methods
Upgradable AI's (AI's Tailored to Your Own Tastes, Which Apply Tastes to All Knowledge in Existence and Bring up Realities for a person)
Technological Remote Viewing (The Black Project Sources Use This in the Current Age)
Recordings of Consciousness (I have Witnessed Recordings of My Consciousness From a Decade+ Back in Time)
Recordings of Visual Feeds from the Eyes
Ability to Interface Another Being's "Dimensionality" (aka their full conscious and energetic makeup)
Energetic Signatures of People, Places, and Things will be Huge in the Future aka Conscious Imprints
Conscious Imprints, Which are All Part of the Conscious Energy Library of the Universe,...everyone has multiple energies that apply to them, from both the Physical and Mental Realms
•Any Physical Reality(Image), Conscious Energy/Energetic Signature, Concept, Emotion, anyone's personal energy, and all knowledge in existence can be reproduced via electromagnetic methods related to electronic telepathy. Which more amazingly, all of which can be applied anywhere on the body as an internal body experience
•Much More I cannot think up right now...

These technologies have the potential to revolutionize society almost as much as disclosure of extraterrestrials realities does in my view. The combination of both and I believe our society will be further enlightened at a much faster rate than we are currently.

With electronic telepathy deception and faulty thinking like mental gymnastics in debate can be thoroughly exposed. The potential for societal progress once we have perfected these technologies I believe is immense.

Currently these technologies are being used in black ops by groups within sources such as the US Government, often for nefarious purposes. I am all for the public discovery of these technologies because that may result in a more ethical standard being forced into action to sources such as the US military and CIA...

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