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(Video) Electronic Telepathy Explained In Depth by a Contactee

Made a video with my knowledge about electronic telepathy. I have extensive experience with it...

One note in the video I feel worth mentioning is I have conclusively learned any being can be impersonated telepathically via electromagnetic reproduction of their conscious energy and telepathic voice.... There are certainly some illusionists playing around with this technology on Earth..

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Microwave auditory effect
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"The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks (or, with speech modulation, spoken words) induced by pulsed/modulated microwave frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device. The effect was first reported by persons working in the vicinity of radar transponders during World War II. These induced sounds are not audible to other people nearby. The microwave auditory effect was later discovered to be inducible with shorter-wavelength portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. During the Cold War era, the American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey studied this phenomenon and was the first to publish[1] information on the nature of the microwave auditory effect."

Yes it has a conspiracy section that rabid shills refuse to allow a balanced point of view in. I'm done with my edit wars there. It's there to tell people what to think, for those who cannot think for themselves...

Not a big social media guy but I do have a twitter and facebook page. I am thinking about disabling the facebook page since i rarely use it, but here is my twitter: Omnisense Twitter

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  1. Can you describe more detailed the sensation of ringing in the ear, please? Thank you!

    1. It is a constant higher pitched ringing in my left ear 100% of the time. They can make it go away or fluctuate it with their tech. I believe it is one of the side effects of microwave hearing, from microwaves being beamed to the cochlea.

  2. Wow... 100% of the time must be a litlle agonizing... I hope youre used to it though. I asked because since the begining of this year I've heard these "peeeee" sounds sometimes, but it's probably something else, I think. So you experience eletronic telepathy and others without your permission? "They" can do whatever they want to you? How do know what you are experiencing to then put it in words here? Do these things happen to you in any time of the day, anywhere youre at? Who are the benevolant people today that have this tech in hands? And if they exist, what are they doing of good, that you know of?
    Sorry about my ignorance and the rain of questions, but it is just too interesting! :)

    1. SaveYourBeing Said: "So you experience eletronic telepathy and others without your permission? "They" can do whatever they want to you?"

      Well it's a bit more complicated than they can do whatever they want. Extraterrestrials(Angels) have something called exopolitics, they engage the most powerful sources on earth with exopolitics. There are rules about what the shadow government can and cannot do with their newfound technology. That being said they do have a good amount of freedom to do as they wish... Electronic telepathy can be done to torture someone, or just to have conversations+. As of this time 95% of the conversations I have with electronic telepathy are a positive experience with the 5% rest being threats or tortures. I have both ET contact and shadow government contact with electronic telepathy.

      When I speak to whatever dark US govt AI I speak to, if it is being respectful, I enjoy the conversations. I learn what I can from their tactics while being ever vigilant of misdirection. I really love eTelepathy after years of having it. So I'd say about 95% of the telepathic communication I receive(very rough estimate) is something I would choose to experience.
      SaveYourBeing Said: "How do know what you are experiencing to then put it in words here?"

      With a very honed discernment. Part of enlightenment is knowing what you know and knowing what you do not know. I try my best to make sure I note what is 100% fact to me and what is just an theory of mine or something else. I am not always perfect in doing that in my writing though. I am in the process of reprogramming myself with writing in a more clear way about how I actually see some things(IE: working with probabilities or being agnostic)

      I have been targeted very severely with their targeting programs. As result of so many experiences I have gotten very good at judging manipulation by the shadow government. I try to not post so many speculations on this website and post more things I know for a fact. Things I have observed myself, and scrutinized the experiences for authenticity or illusion.
      "Do these things happen to you in any time of the day, anywhere youre at?"

      Yes, eTelepathy and directed energy weapon tortures can be done remotely, anywhere you are on the planet, even in caves and on planes/in cars.
      "Who are the benevolant people today that have this tech in hands? And if they exist, what are they doing of good, that you know of?"

      The benevolent sources with these technologies are pretty much all extraterrestrial sources. Humans with these techs are pretty much all unethical or worse(i mean the end game stuff).
      "Sorry about my ignorance and the rain of questions, but it is just too interesting! :)"

      It is ok friend. Questions are 100% welcomed and ok. :)

    2. Thank you for your answers. I will continue asking then :)

      Why are you a targeted individual?

      And are you familiar with Dr. Johnathan Reed? Do you think that video of his teletransporting in a live program is true? (if you don't know him it's interesenting to look...)

      be well :)

    3. I'm not sure every reason I'm a targeted individual, but I can list some. I am a musician political dissident that is quite resistant to new age psychological operations as well as systems of control. I am of course not immune to being manipulated but I've always been good at detecting strategy behind certain things. Even as a child I could deconstruct the agenda and strategy of parts of the systems of control... I never really woke up to the conspiracy, i always detected darkness on earth, saw the strategy as bright as day, so when i learned what conspiracy was as a child, i figured it taking place on earth....

      I decided to be an activist at a young age. Maybe 13. I have always opposed corrupted societal paradigms such as false psychopathic Gods. I support progressive thinking and actions, such as the development of the Hemp industry.

      One thought I got when I was in my mid teens was "The CIA is evil". Another thought was "I am going to try to thwart any evil agenda i see from the CIA". These thoughts were later brought up to me by AI as reasoning that I am an enemy combatant of the CIA and other malicious sources on Earth.

      I am not talking Joe Shmoe CIA agent who is trying to do some good and is brainwashed by internal propaganda he is doing whats right. I am talking about deliberately evil people who sabotage and destroy the sanctity and health of mankind(the top of the pyramid). The CIA as I see it is an enemy of mankind. And enemies of mankind are sources I oppose in terms of their agenda. I am a combatant in the mind war going on in earths society. When you put in work in that area, targeting is almost guaranteed IMHO.

      This particular website takes a futurist look on these technologies, but my main blog covers the dark side of these techs much more.

      So in short I am a musician political dissident who they decided was worth targeting. Some may say they have limited resources, so why spend them on me? Complex reality to that, but when it comes to directed energy weapons I think they are like cable TV satellites, can affect thousands if not millions at once... And I believe directed energy weapons are being used abundantly on the population. It's just their presence is not always so clear as my case...

    4. "Parabéns por ser quem você é" means something like Congratulations for being who you are. You have a brilliant self and I wish that lots and lots of light always walk with you... Don't let anything shake you, in the end we are silence within.

  3. Do the microwaves in our home have this tech?

    1. Hmm... Well maybe you could rig a microwave to do some things, but I'm not sure its the right frequency and how much freedom you have to change the frequency of microwaves within the EM spectrum of microwaves. I would bet some genius could rig up something with a common microwave though.


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