Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Black Project Tech: Electronic Telepathy - v2k


Names for v2k: Electronic Telepathy, Synthetic Telepathy, Artificial Telepathy, AI Based Telepathy, Microwave Auditory Effect, Microwave Hearing, RF Hearing, Radio Frequency Hearing Effect, Voice to Skull (v2k).

Brain-Computer Interfaces of the Future...

A New Wave of COINTELPRO-like programs using v2k are afflicting Targeted Individuals worldwide...
Electronic Telepathy Technology Capabilities:
• Any Living Being Including Animal and Insect Personal Mental Signatures can be Interfaced
• Any Existent or Fictional Being can be Artistically and Powerfully Impersonated
• Any Concept Reproducible for Communication Purposes
• Any Emotion can be Reproduced
• Any Sound in Existence Reproducible in a Mind (Any Voice or Vocal Tone)
• Any Mental Variable Able to be Applied to Any Area on the Body
• Any Color Including Black can be Applied in Stimulating Ways to One's Body Experience via Exotic Neuroscience
• Experiences Ranging from Incredibly Spiritual, to Artistically Dark + Everything Else in Reality
• Cloning of the Senses
• Powerful psychological direction is possible with these technologies
Remote Neural Monitoring
• Remote Neural Monitoring Turns the Human Brain into a 5 Sense Surveillance Device.
• Computerized Tracking/Recording of Thoughts
• Brain wave Fingerprint as Unique as those on our Hands Remote Neural Monitoring Page:
Brain Scans Pinpoint Individuals from a Crowd:
‘Brain Fingerprint’ is as Unique as those on our Hands
Researchers can identify you by your brain waves with 100 percent accuracy:
The Rulers of the World: Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society
The Rulers of the World: Use Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
Music is my song Esoterica from my album Cryptoverse
Microwave Auditory Effect:
v2k Influenced Murder(over a dozen cases):
Electronic Telepathy and Remote Neural Monitoring Revolutionized the Intelligence Process

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