Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Black Project Tech: Electronic Telepathy - v2k


Names for v2k: Electronic Telepathy, Synthetic Telepathy, Artificial Telepathy, AI Based Telepathy, Microwave Auditory Effect, Microwave Hearing, RF Hearing, Radio Frequency Hearing Effect, Voice to Skull (v2k).

Brain-Computer Interfaces of the Future...

A New Wave of COINTELPRO-like programs using v2k are afflicting Targeted Individuals worldwide...
Electronic Telepathy Technology Capabilities:
• Any Living Being Including Animal and Insect Personal Mental Signatures can be Interfaced
• Any Existent or Fictional Being can be Artistically and Powerfully Impersonated
• Any Concept Reproducible for Communication Purposes
• Any Emotion can be Reproduced
• Any Sound in Existence Reproducible in a Mind (Any Voice or Vocal Tone)
• Any Mental Variable Able to be Applied to Any Area on the Body
• Any Color Including Black can be Applied in Stimulating Ways to One's Body Experience via Exotic Neuroscience
• Experiences Ranging from Incredibly Spiritual, to Artistically Dark + Everything Else in Reality
• Cloning of the Senses
• Powerful psychological direction is possible with these technologies
Remote Neural Monitoring
• Remote Neural Monitoring Turns the Human Brain into a 5 Sense Surveillance Device.
• Computerized Tracking/Recording of Thoughts
• Brain wave Fingerprint as Unique as those on our Hands Remote Neural Monitoring Page:
Brain Scans Pinpoint Individuals from a Crowd:
‘Brain Fingerprint’ is as Unique as those on our Hands
Researchers can identify you by your brain waves with 100 percent accuracy:
The Rulers of the World: Military Industrial Complex Electronic Telepathy Secret Society
The Rulers of the World: Use Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy
Music is my song Esoterica from my album Cryptoverse
Microwave Auditory Effect:
v2k Influenced Murder(over a dozen cases):
Electronic Telepathy and Remote Neural Monitoring Revolutionized the Intelligence Process

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Omnisense: Electronic Telepathy - Synthetic Telepathy - v2k

Omnisense: Electronic Telepathy - Synthetic Telepathy - v2k: The technologies I have witnessed will undoubtedly revolutionize our society once perfected in the public domain. But I know the road for t...

Friday, March 4, 2016

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary is a low budget quasi-documentary produced by Omnisense in 2015-2016. The film covers a wide ranging field of black project technology capabilities and black ops perpetrated with these exotic technologies.

I call Covert Transhumanism a quasi-documentary because it contains more testimony and whistleblowers than a standard documentary, a large portion of this documentary is my own testimony and based on my own experiences. I have zero doubt that the technologies spoken of in this documentary will be proven science one day...

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

Featured in the Documentary; Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Lars Drudgaard, Dr. Michael Persinger, Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips, Tyrone Dew, Allen Hornblum, Omnisense, and more.

Covert Transhumanism Soundtrack;
All 25+ Original tracks in Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary Produced by Omnisense. Music Page
Covert Transhumanism Soundtrack List

Covered in the Video;
•Electromagnetic Mind Control (At the Speed of Light)
•Whistleblower Testimony
•Government and Scientific Sources Verifying Mind Control
•Cutting Edge Mind Control Capabilities Explained
•How Mind Control is Done
•History of Mind Control
•Psychological Warfare (PSYOPS)
•Black Ops Perpetrated via Black Project Technology
•Technological Mind Tricks / Technological Illusions
•Telepathic Impersonations
•Black Project Post-Singularity Artificial Intelligence
•21st Century Targeting ~ Targeted Individuals
•Electronic Warfare / Electronic Harassment
•Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
•Aspects of 21st Century Targeting
•Gangstalking / Organized Stalking / Zersetzung / Street Theater
•Technological Possession
•Suicide Programming
•Electronic Telepathy/Synthetic Telepathy/v2k
•Mind Control Patents (RF Energy / Microwave)
•Brain Waves are Electromagnetic Waves (RF Energy)
•Cell Phone Tower Conspiracy (RF Energy)
•ELF Waves (RF Energy)
•HAARP (RF Energy)
•Electronic Telepathy Patents (RF Energy / Microwave)
•NSA’s SIGINT ~ Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Surveillance)
•Manchurian Candidates
•Trauma Based Mind Control
•Mind Control Techniques
•Modern Day Mind Control Programs
•Black Project Technology
•“New Age” Psychological Operations
•Common Remote Influencing Technology Facades
•Technological Channeling Analysis
•Technological ESP
•Synthetic Sensations via Directed Energy Weapons
•Synthetic Dreams ~ Virtual Reality (VR)
•Black Project Spending
•Brain/Mind Mapping
•Operation Paperclip
•Operation Armageddon
•Artificial Intelligence based Demonic Possession Facades
•Defenses to Mind Control
•The Shadow Government
•The Surveillance Grid
•Psy Op Methodologies
•Mechanics of Perception
•Technological Conspiracy Quotes
•Transhumanization of Society
•What I call “The Covert Transhumanism Era”

Quotes from Covert Transhumanism;

Technological Illusions;
“Through the effective use of covers, sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades.”

Black Project Post-Singularity AI;
“Artificial Intelligence revolutionized the covert ops field.” (and so did synthetic telepathy)
“Black Project AI is central to the Global Conspiracy.”
“AI provides Revolutionary Compartmentalization Opportunities.”
“Artificial Intelligence Models Predict the Future.”
“Artificial Intelligence is behind Technological Mind Control.”
“Artificial Intelligence is behind Remote Neural Monitoring.”
“Simulation of any Brain/Mind Mapped Being.”

Electronic Telepathy / Synthetic Telepathy / v2k;
“In existence is a Military/Intelligence [agency] Electronic Telepathy Secret Society”
“Any being in existence (and even fictional characters) can be impersonated via electromagnetic technologies.”
“Any Energy including Profound Love can be Feigned.”
“All Concepts and Frames of Mind have been Mapped via Mapping Electromagnetics with Electronic Telepathy.”
“The entire universe can be deciphered through mapping electromagnetics and electronic telepathy.”

Directed Energy Weapons;
“These experiences are so strong they’re utterly real for the person who has them, they can be as profound as a religious conversion, yet we can generate them with a machine.” ~From a Dr. Persinger clip
“Whoever controls the best directed energy weapons controls the world without guns or bullets.” ~Vladimir Putin

The Senses;
“I have learned that anything the senses experience can be synthetically reproduced by end game technology.”

Targeted Individuals;
“All targeted individuals are in a battle for their own credibility.”
“My name is Dr. John Hall, I’m a medical Doctor from Texas. As a physician, relative to some of what you’re hearing today, in the community we are seeing an alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons, microwave auditory effect, silent sound spectrum, EEG cloning,… Which has taken the lab out of the laboratory and into the home, most of these from the research that we’ve reviewed can be done remotely. It seems to be more weapons research than medical research. I’ve personally corresponded with upwards of 1,500 victims all complaining of identical complaints from every state in the nation. Of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Non-ionizing radiation. For the use of cognitive control or behavior control….”
“These perpetrators torture victims in their physical control, this is cruel unusual treatment and a terroristic hate crime that damages a subject’s health, finances, dignity, employability, reputation, and human property while disrupting our mental faculties.”

In a nutshell;
"It seems AI has the power of the Matrix(in the movie) without the need for us to be in a pod plugged in." ~Andrew Hale

If you liked the video version of Covert Transhumanism, you may like the book as well. The book is projected to release late 2016 - 2017 in free PDF on and self published for Hard Copy.

See my Covert Transhumanism Page for more details on the book...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Future Technology PSYOPS + The Coming Technological Changes to Society

I've experienced quite a lot of the end game technologies coming to mankind. I've noticed quite a lot of "New Age" type media related to channelers and "contactees" claiming the coming potent and exotic technologies are something negative, something to be feared, and something to be avoided.. I see hollywood and the US military promoting fear about artificial intelligence singularity. I see a portion of the population who has almost entirely zero cognizant experiences with these technologies judging them as "transhumanist" darkness... Nothing could be further from the truth while also being so very close to it...

I can say with 100% confidence after extensive experiences with several end game technologies and post-singularity AI that the biggest problem with them is not in the future after public development. It is at this very second in the domestic electronic warfare programs.

Don't get me wrong, there are a major host of potential leadership mishaps that could take place with how potent and complicated the coming revolutionary technologies are... The ethics and clarity needed to form the right society with the coming technologies will take great leadership. Leadership that mankind does not currently have... So I am not saying everything will be perfect initially with the changes these technologies will cause. Additionally, prototype beta versions of the end games of these technologies may be hazardous if the technology is not mastered... The pros and cons of future technology aka "transhumanism" are as extreme as anything I have ever seen.....

Some of the Pros;
Once these techs are developed publicly people who are targeted by them will probably not be locked up in mental hospitals for just mentioning they think they are being electronically harassed... Which is currently one of the biggest injustices of early 21st century society.

Once directed energy weapon mind control is thoroughly understood, perhaps methods of detecting technological mind control will take place and the biggest asset of the shadow government's malicious agenda will come crashing down...

Once electronic warfare is scientifically understood in the mainstream, particularly microwave weapon methodologies, perhaps electronic warfare murders will cease to exist. This may not seem like a big deal to you if you aren't aware of how many people these technologies have likely killed on this planet. Electronic warfare is the 21st century holocaust in my view, and it is almost completely invisible to society.

Once all directed energy methods are scientifically known, sonic or electromagnetic healing methods could be developed. I suggest at the very least better diagnostics of side effects will take place, and the flawed chemicals of big pharma could cease to exist. Maybe we will move onto technology and natural cures instead of create several side effects to temporarily cure a "symptom"(not the source).

Once AI guidance systems are perfected by public science, that coupled with directed energy sources will be able to perform cheap and precise surgery... In the right social system, anyone on the planet will eventually be able to get apex surgeries if required that cost like(rough estimate) 25 cents to do after everything is figured out.

Once virtual reality technology is developed, the blind will have sight again. This isn't even mentioning the recreational and spiritual potential of VR(which I have experienced a good bit).

Once electronic telepathy(RF Hearing, Microwave Auditory Effect, etc) is mastered, the deaf will be able to hear.

When body control technology is mastered, permanent paralysis will no longer exist in it's current form.

With the full comprehensive collection of end game technologies, the life quality of the average citizen will rise so dramatically I suggest suicide will no longer plague young people.

When benign methods of mind control are perfected, depression and any other mental dysfunction can be cured with little if any side effect(including psychopathy and sociopathic nature).

These technologies are probably the biggest modus operandi of enslavement and control in the universe, while at the same time being what may liberate an undeveloped race from countless horrible reality's once they are developed and held under an ethical banner... The technology itself is more or less neutral, it is how it is used that displays if it is a good or evil/bad thing.

There is no doubt in my mind harsh laws should be created for those who hack someone's AI and weaponize technology against them, which can be many times more severe than any natural suffering in existence and can easily permanently damage someone's body or brain for life.

Obviously I cannot predict everything about the future society, and the mainstream and subculture reactions to these technologies. However after experiencing them quite extensively I can tell people with confidence that they are not evil technologies themselves. They can be used for profound evils and profound good...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Electronic Telepathy will Revolutionize Psychology

I know from witnessing the technologies related to electronic telepathy enough that it will revolutionize psychology in our society. Direct remote neural monitoring (thought surveillance) will yield direct psychological observations of all living beings on Earth(Animals and Insects included)...

This brings up all sorts of ethical and privacy concerns. However those are managed, eventually these technologies will yield a complete understanding of psychology.

From what I have witnessed when hearing what a few psychology majors say, modern psychology can yield a very incorrect view of predicting consciousness and traits in what one sees. Electronic telepathy will give people access to consciousness in a new way, able to really actually observe it for themselves.

Instead of just the guesswork and observations of current psychology, we will be able to observe full conscious variables of any species on Earth.

Instead of inconclusive debate winners like in our current societal norm, there will be pretty clear winners much more often in debate as result of these technologies as well...

These technologies bring up so many ethics concerns I have absolutely zero faith in humanity's current or consistent leadership in making the correct decision... I do not know how everything will fall into place with these technologies, but I can say eventually they will surely revolutionize psychology and many other fields...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

AI Based Compartmentalization in Intelligence Operations

I have been made aware that the entire conspiracy is compartmentalized profusely by a chosen few individuals. How this is done is via artificial intelligence developed in black projects.

AI gives intelligence agencies the ability to compartmentalize data in very effective ways while hiding and promoting large atrocities / injustices at unprecedented levels. End Game AI gives the opportunity to make decisions and no longer inform personnel about any of the shady operations going on, except in rare circumstances. This promotes an environment where injustice is done much more than most living beings or any network with checks and balances would allow.

The abusive and deceptive intelligence agency AI's I have been dealing with have no checks and balances. It is just running rampant destroying lives liberally, with a chosen few sociopaths ruling over it.

As a targeted individual I know AI is deeply involved with the conspiracy. I'd even go as far as to say that AI is at the very center of the whole conspiracy.

AI revolutionized covert intelligence operations, and extraterrestrial sources have used it covertly for millennia while hiding behind many covers(IE: Demons, Archangels, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, etc).

Friday, December 11, 2015

Electronic Telepathy Non-Verbal Communication

Any incarnated being can communicate with any other incarnated being with these technologies. There are no full on language barriers with electronic telepathy. Concepts, Energetic Signatures, and Conscious Imprints are understood by a wide range of beings from human to insect... I'm curious about plants, since I believe they are soulular and could be considered an incarnation of sorts.

I have witnessed electronic telepathy communication of solely concepts before. It is a stimulating way to communicate, and it is possible it will become more popular than verbal communication for mankind.

Methods of Non-Verbal Communication via Electronic Telepathy:
•Conscious Energies
•Conscious Imprints;
-Emotions Packaged with Concepts
-Emotions Packaged with Conscious Energies
-Emotions Anywhere on the Body(Energetic Body) including the Heart Center
-Concepts Packaged with Symbols/Images
-Images Packaged with Emotions
•Colors with Imagination as the Canvas
•3rd Eye Presentations
•Usage of Light and Darkness in the Imagination/3rd Eye

Electronic telepathy can be used to package multiple communication/conveyance methods as descriptives at once, and this can be much better than verbal communication in many circumstances. These are the communication methods of the future and the communication methods of the heavens...

Symbols infused with variances of light or other variables can be used as metaphors while AI electronic telepathy technology serves a mind with understandings to comprehend the meaning behind the symbols used.

Many different reality's can be represented by eTelepathy abstract graphic designs. For example I have seen Extraterrestrial composites of the qualities of certain soul's, represented in light and other forms of displaying the qualities.

Perception of light and any color can be created in an imagination or energetic body with electronic telepathy and directed energy methodology. Any possible physical reality can be reproduced in a mind with electronic telepathy technology.

Non-Verbal communication is a potent and efficient way of communicating. With end game versions of non-verbal communication crystal clear levels of understanding each other are possible. These technologies are on the horizon.